Campus Divas For Rich Men…“Money can buy us!!!!!!” admin finally exposed in Kenya

Campus Diva

Currently perceived as the most popular facebook fan page among Kenyans and frequent facebookers, Campus Divas for Rich Men, has caught the attention of the media society and government authorities over what has been termed as “immorality among the youth in our university institutions”. Created on July the 3rd 2012, the page has so far managed to attract over 39,100 facebook likes over a record period of two months, and still counting. ‘Skyrocketing’ would be the terms to best define the rate at which the page is receiving new fans as the seconds elapse by.

Perhaps what might have been the groundbreaking status update was one which read, “SEX PARTY!! SEX PARTY!! On 7th September, where RICH men will have all the content of their genitals milked out! And DIVAS will have their asses fried!!! You are all invited!!

If you are a sufferer, a struggler you cannot find help here, you need divine help. Call on the lord to come 4 your rescue. Here we only help rich men we do not tolerate hustlers here.

Following its mention in various radio stations, the number has since been on the upsurge attracting the attention of both ladies and gents who’ve been constant contributors to the raging madness buzzing in the page. The question as to whether the pictures of the ladies posted in the page are voluntarily submitted to the Admin of the page seems to be a fact, given that not even a single “Diva” posted in the page has come out to claim any wrongdoing of having their photos made available on the facebook page.

This can also be backed up by the fact that Caroline Mutoko, a popular radio presenter who airs a Breakfast show in Kiss FM brought the issue to the airwaves urging anyone to raise alarms for having her photo in the page. The girls according to Carol were on a mission of selling out sex instead of focusing on the prime agenda that took them to those Universities. She expressed her disappointment on what the new ‘Y-generation’ has opted to pursue. She gave her two cents on the importance of being independent and learning to work for one’s own.

With no one forwarding any complaints, the next update from the page read, “Caroline Mutoko the next time you bombard us on air, one of our well built tycoons has promised to spank you hard until you nosebleed!! So you better watch it!! A threatening update indeed. The similar was reciprocated to another radio presenter from Classic 105, Maina Kageni and King’ang’i.

However, attempts of trying to identify the individual behind the online activity may have born some fruits if at all a photo posted on the group’s wall by one Ferdinard ‘ricky’ Oguta is anything to go by. Ferdinand posted a photo on the page’s wall, alongside the picture of the individual of the person behind the scene. Shockingly though is the fact the person uncovered is indeed a young man in his early twenties. Due to unconfirmed facts about the individual’s name and personal information, his photo which has been posted thrice on the page, can be viewed in the wall photos of the page by visiting “Campus Divas for Rich Men”.

A message attached to the photo of the mastermind of the page read, “THIS IS THE PIC OF THE EVIL GUY WHO IS THE ADMIN OF THIS PAGE… WE’VE GIVEN CARO OF KISS SOME PIC, POLICE AND POSTED THEM IN SOME WEB SITE & FB FUNPAGES. .dude u r busted.”

Proving to be unshaken by the Ferdinand’s remarks, the admin updated, “Operation kick broke mans ass, insults can’t stop us…”

Unexpected by many, another group by the name “Masufferer for Rich Women” resurfaced to add more twist to the debate. The group’s admin came out guns blazing hurling insults to the “Divas” group. A nasty update read, “Now That Those bitches who call themselves Campus Divas for Rich Men Have looked down upon us young brothers, it’s about time we show them that we are worth something….lets F**K Rich Women whose Husbands ”Rich Men” F**k our Girls……..The Battle is on…..REVENGE is a Dish best served COLD.” 

On a similar twist, another group naming itself “Anti-Campus Divas for Rich Men” stepped out to criticize their fellow counterparts; the ‘divas’. Condemning the acts of the divas involved in the group, the group aims at upholding to upright principles, virtues and good morals. Unlike their fellow ‘divas’ who advocated for sex and money, the Anti-Campus Divas encourages its followers to abstain and practice chastity. Most notably though is the number of the followers which don’t seem to match at all. While the Anti-divas boast of less than 6,000 likes, the Campus divas are overwhelmed by the escalating number and response they’re receiving each minute.

On a positive note, the ‘Anti-Campus Divas for Rich Men’ seem to be setting the record straight for their fallen counterparts. Their facebook page profile info reads, “Let’s be fair. Let’s leave the married men to their wives, let them have a happy marriage. Focus on your life and how you would make a good wife to your husband and not a wife to someone else’s’ husband.

Women, there is nothing as sweet as enjoying money you sweat for. And by sweat I mean you work for it in an honest and moral way. Maybe right now you are 19 – 24 years old and your efforts to get a job or start a business have not yielded but don’t give up hang in there. Push more, hustle more, drop your CV everywhere, don’t give up. God rewards your handwork.

By hustling I don’t mean go hustle married men’s money. Get your own money, you will be more independent and have an inner strength!” 

Moving on swiftly, the issues revolving around love, sex, money, crime and alcohol among the youth and more so university scholars seem to be the ‘in thing’ at the moment. In the past couple of months, cases of University students have rampantly resurfaced in the local media revealing just how far the institutions have been turned to be a social hub of vices for many.

Shockingly though is the fact that not even our so called Parliamentarians have been spared from the now growing network. A recent interview with some of the students in one of the local university confirmed that girls in the institutions have turned them away purposely for old men who ride high with wealthy lifestyles. The girls are said to be craving for quick money to meet their ever increasing needs and demands for their lavish upkeep.

Recent cases have been witnessed whereby girls in our local universities have been reported to have posted shocking notices in their institutions of the many male counterparts they’ve managed to sleep with, leaving them HIV positive. Just recently, a similar case was witnessed in Moi University where a female student pinned names of about 90 male students she claimed to have slept with, and suspected of having infected them with the sexually transmitted killer virus. Weeks later, another case of a young girl in one of the public Universities raised eyebrows when she reportedly sent a text message to a fellow student reading, “I am a student and I am HIV positive. I swore I would spread the thing because I got infected during my first experience. I have slept with 322 guys in my campus and two outside. I wanted to infect 2,500 people but the guilt is now killing me.”

Might this be a good reason for the development towards the introduction of the “Campus Divas for Rich Men”? What many should be skeptical though is the fact that the alleged divas might be HIV positive and on a frantic mission to spread the virus. All in all, what they all crave for is money, sex and health falls nowhere in the bracket. Just to shade some light on what I’m talking about, have a look at what the group’s facebook page activity has been posting in the recent couple of days.


Latest updates of the page:

Aug 27th: If you are a sufferer, a struggler
you cannot find help here, you
need divine help. Call on the lord to
come 4 ur rescue. Here we only
help rich men
we do not tolerate hustlers here

Aug 25th: Even God knew man should be the PROVIDER. 9t pals

Aug 25th: This is PLACE FOR DIVAS!! UGLY apes go jump on trees this is not a place for you

Aug 28th: we are turning Nairobi into Vegas, come baby come!!!

Aug 28th: Kalekye and Shaffie if you have never masturbated continue throwing the stones

Aug 28th: We are waging a brutal war on balls and cash, so watch out lest we steal your balls from you, we are on a path of no Retreat, no Surrender, so come baby come!!

Aug 29th: Sisi madiva tuna gharama.
zinataka dawa! MASIKIO yanataka
hereni!! MACHO yanataka wanja na
shadow! PUA inataka kipini! MDOMO
unataka lipstic! USO unatka poda na
foundation! SHINGO inataka cheni!
MATITI yanataka sidiria! MIKONO
inataka Bangili! VIDOLE vinataka
Pete! KIUNO kinataka shanga.

Aug 29th: Nobody can tell us what to do with ourselves!!

Aug 30th: Maina and King’ang’i lolest!

Aug 30th: Operation “Kick broke man’s ass” If you are a sufferer pounce on the nearest goat and bang its brains out!”

Aug 30th: A bunch of retards trying to tell 23year olds what to do with their private lives!!

Aug 30th: Admin is not anonymous, admin cannot be compromised, admin cannot be threatened, admin cannot be bribed all admin is saying is come baby come!!

Aug 30th: Hahaha reckless journalism another fake admin on Kenya post, a site notoriously known for outright fabrications and hearsay reporting, huyo msafara ako hapo should sue that pencil pusher behind that site

Aug 31st: Friday!! No wearing panty today! Some asses on display (l8terz). Leo mtasema admin ni bonoko ama?

Aug 31st: Jesus loves us!!

Aug 31st: It’s oddly amusing that the people who think of themselves as very righteous also absurdly think they hold the judgment of the lord!!!

Aug 31st: For the safety of our divas we have blocked our photos.

Aug 31st: We will unblock the photos later , but for now despite kumulilkwa KTN we are oiling our matakoz and punanis , leo CBD and Westlands kutanyesha mvua ya matako !!!

Sept 1st: “Two men went up to the

temple to pray, one a Pharisee
and the other a tax collector.
The Pharisee stood by
himself and prayed: ‘God, I
thank you that I am not like
other people—robbers,
evildoers, adulterers—or even
like this tax collector. I fast
twice a week and give a tenth

Sept 1st: But when they persisted in
asking Him, He straightened up,
and said to them, “He who is
without sin among you let him
be the first to throw a stone at

2000 years down the line some under socialized anti social, poorly cultured, educationally challenged village pumpkins think they can bar others from mentioning the of the Lord Jesus Christ ( the Lord is not ur personal property ) as they also judge for Him.

Sept 1st: As far as we are concerned we are NOT a prostitution page, we are simply hooking up people who want to find loved ones. Nowhere in the constitution of Kenya states that a young girl should not fall in love or hook up with a wealthy man, so..Frankly speaking we are disgusted our portrayal by the media. We know the law very well and you’ll be shocked to know that amongst ourselves we have final year law students. We simply offer solutions to the need in the current society, society is dynamic not static. If you don’t like it, if you are very intolerant, very righteous, very conservative, if you are very archaic and fossil, Please mind your business and we will mind ours.

1st Sept: Nyinyi waschana mnatukanana hapa matusi ile mmezoea huko Mathare, simuanzishe yenyu Campus Divas for Every Chokoraa

1st Sept: Waschana wenye wanasema tunauza kuma hapa while openly demonstrating your primitivity through catchpenny insolence, please don’t force your concepts and ideas on us, kama ukona idea za kuuza kuma keep them to yourself. This is a dating page. Wengi tumeclick profile zao and they are not even lookable, mtu sura kama silaha na anatukanana hapa!

Could someone kindly offer a helping hand to our young girls? What do you think needs to be done?

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  1. Steve

    No comment, but experience is the best teacher. let them explore and see what will be the fruits in the long run. Though the admin should be convicted for defamation.

  2. june

    Pilipili usiyoila yakuwashia nini? If u don’t like kenye wanafanya just mind your business! Wakenya hupenda kupoint finger in everything! Let them try si they are young! Ala!
    I don’t c what the big deal is they have clearly stated they want rich men Kama huwes make stop hating tembea kwa class yako n stop opening this page enda kwa nuns looking for
    Kenyans r hypocrates,thy r having pre marital sex wakijificha yet judging Divas who r having sex openly. Before u point fingers angalia tabia zako
    Who forced anyone 2join Campus Divas that people go all around abusing the page yet wenyewe wameingia n read every post smiling then comment pretending 2hate but is their favourite.U girls go coz i haven’t seen u marketing porn movie as some people do then pretend 2b angel, shit!
    It called maximizing yep these chicks are only smart enough to get paid for what others are giving for free …..
    If one has guts …….fine

  3. Silva

    The ministry of Education plus campus admins shud device caunsellling sessions for students time to time to avoid this cruelty growing.
    This are young gals driven by desires and pressure yet have not Big brother to offer direction on life.
    We live in a busy society where paros and teachers have no time to care for them.

    Hey! This Is a serious disease .listen to a song lyrics ‘Attention na Sida’ by Franco Lwanzo Makiadi

  4. wambui Thuo

    Gals, the Lord still loves you and hope that you can turn way and flee from the work of the deceiver who comes to deceive men and women so that they may have eternal death with him

    Make your hearts good before the Lord, And your ways straight before men. And ye shall find grace before the Lord and men. 3

    Beware, therefore, of fornication, For fornication is mother of all evils, Separating from God, and bringing near to Beliar. 4 For I have seen it inscribed in the writing of Enoch that your sons shall be corrupted in fornication,

    REMEMBER THE DEVIL COMES TO STEAL, DESTROY AND KILL and believe you me, that is his plan against you beautiful ones.



  5. sammy kibet kiplalang

    please my fellow youths let us not be fooled by this ladies called themselve compus divas for rich men,pesa can change everything u want to be but can lead into the world of sufferiation

  6. Bigcee artist kenya

    Hii life ni noma ni kama nina homa lakini ninaona mayouth ni lazima tukome sisi tumeelimika na nilazima tuelimishe hii nia campus divas divas for richmen kukubali Jesus,mimi ninalia tena ninaumia nikilook place wengi wametoka maparoo wanahustle wanasleep stomach empty ili divas wasome wakiwa na imani utachange life yao ukimaliza masomo ad after al dat unakufa u ya ukimwi.

  7. Those gals hav changed university into casinos!who da hell do u think wil marry a university gal?i doubt.their parent r working hard 2 cater 4 their educa…but in return get a degree of H.I.V

  8. Koe Stanley

    Ninashangaa sana kwa magal ambao wata end kugraguate na Bachalor of A.D.S.Ilihali paro wali balance diet kwa sababu ya skulifees,ishindwe pepo mbaya.

  9. elijah

    life is very essential and should u misuse yours then blv me u will b inn for a great shock….my plea is to our dear lovely gals to use their bodies in the best possible way having in mind that we have no spare parts 4 them…

  10. emily janet

    Ladys I no thats the easiest way of getting money, but think twice of the repercussions, or what u would want 2 achieve by even 30’s, but if that’s what u want 4 life no1 can stop u life is yours.

  11. James rougers

    We are in end tym dayz en expect anything..Be wise and seek intervention 4rom God bcoz our generation is worsen’ every day..

  12. Wilson

    Remember your body is the Temple of God. So be very carefull ,if u don’t change ur habits u cn b in for a high jump in a big fire.

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