President Jacob Zuma should resign – As 270 miners are charged with murder after South African Police brutally massacred 34 of their colleagues

Reckless – President Jacob Zuma

After sending his reckless police force, some of them remnants of the apartheid era, to force miners to work, by shooting and gunning them down, killing 34 innocent miners who were legitimately protesting for better working conditions,  President Jacob Zuma has unleashed his state prosecutors to charge 270 of the miners for the murders of their slain colleagues who were massacred in cold-blood by trigger-happy South African police. Unbelievable as it sounds, Zuma has demonstrated that he is not only unfit to hold any office, he has become an embarrassment to the South African state.  Jacob Zuma’s reckless and outlandish behaviour goes beyond the political framework of leadership: his insatiable appetite for the opposite sex have driven this mad man of South Africa to engage in morally challenged  relationships that has brought disrepute to the presidency.

Astonishingly, Zuma could care less what the South African people think of him and continues to devour every opportunity to get laid!! The audacity of  State prosecutors to even charge  the 270 miners on strike after arresting them at the Marikana platinum mine, with the murder of 34 of their slain colleagues, has left many baffled. Despite confirmation that the victims were shot dead by police, the arrest went ahead without any intervention from Zuma, and this leaves the South African mining industry in shambles.

Zuma, who witnessed the apartheid era, and saw how that period brought untold misery for his people, refuses to learn the lessons of the past, and his people continue to suffer in abject poverty despite the enormous economic strides the country has made in recent years. South Africa must learn from its turbulent past, and if it is to make full recovery from the effects of an apartheid period that saw so many lose their lives to violence and police brutality, then it should rid its country’s leadership of the likes of Zuma, who has no business being in government.

The South African police force should hang their heads in shame for taking part in the killings of their own people, especially working miners who slave so hard for their livelihood in odious working conditions, a far cry from the fat pay-cheques members of this brutal force take home each month. It is simply disgraceful to witness such barbaric acts at a time when the world is facing such a challenging period from poverty and deprivation. Jacob Zuma should resign, as he has nothing left in a legacy that has faced self-ruin, as he embodies nothing relevant to the amazing potential this Southern African country has. His continued presence in the leadership of South Africa can only halt the progress and prosperity that has precluded this amazing nation.

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  1. I still rember Deputy President Kgalema Mothlante when he was asked if he would like to be president after Zuma during the president’s first year he replied’ I have see the job I don’t want it.The charismatic leader is seen as a man of inegrity and resolve.What made him say that.The gravity of all the vicissitudes that find their way to his doorstep many of which don’t come by one’s invitation.Who was wrong ar Marikana?It’s not important but let it never happen again to lose a loved one let alone a bread winner.I’m comfortable with journalist banalizing a father’s role into that of a mere ‘bread winner’this word wreaks of insensitivity and arogance on the part of journalist.Is that all a parent is in a family.Bread winner!Eish!

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