Five killed in Mandera retaliatory attacks

Depiction of past scenario’s in Mandera clashes

In what may be viewed as retaliatory attacks, five people have been killed in Mandera early Wednesday morning following the slaying of five other people on Monday this week. Attackers are reported to have attacked Rhamu village and raided homesteads, injuring several innocent people among them women and children.  Administrators in the area confirmed the killings adding that the remote village had lost lots of its herds of cattle to the raiders. It’s believed that the suspects are from the neighbouring Ethiopian boarder, a community referred to as Garre.

The constant attacks have now been happening at an alarming rate and the residents are furious with the government concerning the matter. According to the residents, it seems as though the communities residing in that region have been marginalized with no government intervention in times and moments of crisis.

The area Member of Parliament has voiced his concern over the dilapidated state of security in the entire region and has been seeking for lasting solutions in his area. The government’s laxity has always been blamed with no assistance coming from the small number of dispatched police officers who are hardly spotted on patrol at any given time during the crisis.

Initial attacks are said to have first occurred on Monday at Banisa area, some 200 kilometres form Mandera Town. Among the killed people on that material day include three men, a woman and a six year old child who were caught up in shoot out. The incident is reported to have occurred at around 8am in the morning.

Despite having received intelligence information, the Ministry of Security failed to respond to their plea and the representatives from the respective areas are accusing the government for laxity. Mandera Central Member of Parliament spoke on the matter bravely stating that the area leaders have been dealing with the menace for the past couple of months with no assistance from the government.

Latest news emanating from the area reveals that the attacks have to some extent been contributed by the political leaders from the region. Further information reveals that politicizing the problems in areas has led to the recent spate of attacks. This being an election year, it appears that tension has been rife in the political ‘hotspots’ and with no measures being taken, the situation might be worse according to the grievances forwarded by local residents.

Local leaders in the region have now stepped out urging the government to consider handling the issue as a matter of national security. The ongoing feuds are expected to spill over to other areas given the fact that the country is facing an election year and the people wouldn’t want to witness what was occasioned in 2007/08 post election violence. Security forces in the area have been unable to maintain the polarized areas as the Kenya trained Ethiopian militia are now being used to destabilize the northern provinces of Kenya.

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