Transport Ministry issues new rules for customized number plates in Kenya

Mariga’s customized H3 Hummer

Transport Minister Amos Kimunya recently made an announcement while addressing a press conference on the new rules set to people who intend to have customized number plates for their automobiles. Speaking while making the announcement, Kimunya said, “A person may apply to the Registrar of Motor Vehicles to be issued with personalised number plates upon payment of the fees prescribed in the First schedule.”

According to the newly formulated rules, anyone who desires to have ownership of personalised number plates shall have to part away with a whooping 100,000 shillings or 50,000 shillings subject to replacement of the lost number plates after issue.

The above rule has been made effective to all private vehicle owners, ambulances, cargo lifters, funeral hearses, diplomatic vehicles, heavy machinery, motorcycles and tractors. In addition to the new rule, a maximum of seven letters has been proposed and must be embossed in blue colour with a white reflective background for both the back and front plates.

However, two letters have been ruled out and aren’t expected to be included in the number plates. The letters “I” and “O” would be replaced by digits “1” and “0” respectively. “The Ministry shall be strict to any symbols or names which may be deemed to be abusive or offensive,” said Kimunya.

Punitive actions shall be taken against any persons who shall disregard or go against any of the newly proposed rules.


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