Deadly Ebola outbreak hits DRC claiming one

Ebola hits DRC

News trickling in from credible sources in the Democratic Republic of Congo reveals that at least one person has succumbed to the recent Ebola outbreak that has been reported in the north-east town of Isiro. The reported outbreak of the deadly hemorrhagic fever is one of two cases that were first detected by health officials in the area. The outbreak is said to have occurred in the Oriental Province which neighbours Uganda.

The area is located close to the DRC-Uganda boarder, a close proximity distance to Uganda’s town which was recently affected by similar outbreak weeks ago. At the moment, medical officials in DRC are taking the necessary measures of sensitizing all the locals in the reported areas to consider undergoing an emergency medical examination. Already health officials in the area have clarified that the reported strain isn’t similar to the one that was identified in the neighbouring Uganda. At least 16 people succumbed to the virus in Uganda last month, and for this reason, it now emerges that there may be a possibility of having infected people who may be unaware of their status with regards to the fever.

According to the health officials, a possibility of having and detecting more cases may arise as examinations start to be carried out. It’s medically proven that not all people who end up showing positive results for the disease initially show outright signals at the early stages after being infected. Experts in the area have expressed concerns for fear of having the virus persist in the transit areas and points neighbouring Uganda. This has been projected as a major challenge and a call for quick intervention from both the government and private sector has been called for to help maintain the situation before it gets out of hand.

If infected, one exhibits signs of both internal and external bleeding with very severe fever. It’s been proven to be one of the most deadly diseases globally and easily spread by close personal contact. Scientific analysis indicate that the virus is transmitted to humans from both monkeys and birds and ends up causing high mortality rates once spread. Most devastating is the fact that there’s no possible vaccine that has been found to help curb the disease.

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