Death toll of UG’s helicopter crash hits seven

Rescued Senior UG Airforce pilot – Chris Kasaija

The number of bodies discovered from the helicopter crash incident in Mt. Kenya has now reached to three. Five more bodies were found on Thursday evening during the rescue mission carried out by Kenya’s military personnel. The bodies are expected to be flown to Nairobi before being flown to Uganda. It took the efforts of the Kenya military forces, Kenya Police, Kenya Wildlife Service, Kenya Forest officers and the neighbouring locals to assist in making the tedious search of the third chopper which hadn’t been traced till Thursday. It would be remembered that the first chopper was first traced on Monday in the morning hours where seven soldiers were rescued. The soldiers were later taken to Nanyuki air strip and were later air lifted to Nairobi for medical intervention before heading back to Uganda.

While addressing the press, Military Spokesman Bogita Ongeri stated that the police couldn’t in any way interfere with the scene of the incident since the Ugandan soldiers were destined to Somalia on a warfare mission and had artillery equipment with them.  This was in fear of having further explosions which could have ended up causing more casualties.

Now the Ugandan Investigative team formed by Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni is expected to carry out investigations into the actual cause of the accident. Already doubts have been raised concerning the credibility of the report to be issued by the team given that the man spearheading the investigation is said to be Yoweri Museveni’s family member and more so an official in the government mandated with the task of purchasing the said choppers.

To top it all, conclusions had already been made before the commencement of the investigations citing bad weather as the main cause of the crash incident of all the three choppers. The three choppers were part of a fleet of four choppers that were destined to the war tone Somalia. The actual destination was Baidoa and only one made it as scheduled.

In the coming weeks, a lot shall be anticipated as to the next measures to be taken by the Ugandan and Kenyan officials regarding the investigations which are already underway.

The incident however happens as Kenya currently undertakes its very own ongoing investigations on the incident of yet another chopper crash which saw the Minister for Security the Late Prof. George Saitoti and his Assistant Minister the Late Orwa Ojode  perish, burning to death.

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