One more body discovered in Uganda helicopter crash

One of the hellicopters carrying survivors

A report issued from the ongoing rescue mission in the Ugandan helicopter crash in Mt. Kenya reveals that the current death toll has mounted to three. Rescue efforts have led to the discovery of another burnt body believed to be one of the soldiers reported to have gone missing in the wreckage yesterday.

Speaking on the matter, military spokesman Bogita Ongeri said, “One more body has been found in the helicopter wreckage bringing the death toll to three. The ongoing rescue mission has however been interrupted by the ongoing heavy rains which have pounded the area.” He assured that they are expected to resume to the crash site once the rain subsides.

It emerges that the latest discovery of the body near the crash site may raise fears that all the other crew members may have succumbed to the accident given that the plane burst into flames upon crashing. The plane which was said to have been carrying a total of seven occupants, two bodies believed to be those of the pilot and the co-pilot were the ones discovered on Tuesday in the cockpit.

Meanwhile, information about the whereabouts of the third helicopter which was part of the military program hasn’t yet been confirmed. The fifteen soldiers who had been rescued on Tuesday have already been flown back to Uganda after having spent a night in Nairobi.

Currently, four soldiers remain unaccounted for since the commencement of the rescue mission. The search mission is being carried out by Kenya’s firearm, explosive and forensic experts that had been dispatched to the vicinity of the crash site. They’re expected to make extensive examination of the crash site to derive any dangerous explosive and artillery that may be present at the scene since the Ugandans were on a warfare mission to Somalia.

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