Gaddafi’s son Saif al-Islam advocates for ICC trial

Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi

Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi’s son, Saif al-Islam has suggested that he should be tried before the International Criminal Court of Justice if at all he is to be dully served justice. Quoted in a defense document that was submitted to the court was his international lawyer Melinda Taylor who said, “The only way for Libya and the Libyan people to have justice is for the ICC to try this case in a fair, impartial and independent manner.”

More interesting is the fact that the Hague-based ICC issued warrants of arrests against both Saif and his late father’s spymaster, Abdullah Senussi. They’re both wanted for crimes against humanity which were committed last year while attempting to put down the uprising revolt.

Since November last year, Saif has been held in custody in the Southern Libya town of Zintan. He was captured in the wake of the uprising that toppled Gaddafi after more than a 40 year dictatorial regime in power.

In the document, Saif was quoted saying, “I would have liked to have been tried in Libya by Libyan judges under Libyan law in front of the Libyan people. There will also be no truth if witnesses are faced with possible life sentences for simply testifying in my favour. I am not afraid to die but if you execute me after such a trial you should just call it murder.”

The Libyan government and the ICC are now locked up between plausible options in deciding where to try the suspect. Saif’s lawyers who were reported to have been held up for about four weeks by Libyan officials were freed earlier this month. The reason behind their arrest was due to the fact that they had gone to pay Seif a visit on behalf of the Court. Speaking after the release, Taylor was quoted saying that it would be very difficult to have Seif tried in an independent and impartial manner in the Libyan Courts.

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  1. If murderer maada bio bio is a conscious and honest person,he should be ashame of himself.After killing and stealing from our country,he comes in another disguise form as if we don’t know anything about his past deeds.If really bio bio cared for Sierra Leone,this is not time to prouve it,it was during the time he came to power he should’ve prouved that.Let him account of form

  2. Bio bio maaaaada,are you reallyconcious of yourself?Please,the people of Sierra Leone are tired with you.Atleast,be a shameful person.Do you think by being flagbearer will save you from been porsucuted to the international criminal court like your boody friend charles taylor?No way out.Oh,you never knew this day will come?Here it is finally.The evil that men do will forever chase them like honey bees.My advice to you is to runaway,or maybe you go to SOMALIA by joining alshabaz or boko haram.Please do it fast before the people of Sierra Leone change their minds against you,simple advice for your own good.Tell me the ghosts of Bambay Kamara and others are they not tormenting you?For sure,they are.

  3. I read one atticle about bio bio,where he mentioned his innocence about the torturings of Bambay Kamara and others.He claimed not to be presnt by then.The question now is where were you by then?Rule no.1 question.Rule no.2 question,who did the killings.Be brave and confess to the beautiful people of blessed Sierra Leone.For sure you were brave enough to kill innocent Sierra Leoneans,then why not be brave to confess your sins.Or you only want to rule Sierra Leone by bringing your Korean bunch of drug cartels to carry all our dimonds,iron ore,oil to Korea.Never,never,never,God sent E.B.Koroma is enough for the people of Sierra Leone.The liberator and choosen leader of God himself.In Biblical days,people might call our beloved leader that is( E.B.Koroma) as a prophet,but he is our choosen leader by the Hands of God.Bio, you are not fit to challenge him,because you are not.

  4. homuhe

    let saif AL Islam be tried in Libya because him and his father committed atrocities in Libya.saif killed many Libyans as if is immortal let the world be fair this guy must be sentenced to death

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