U.S. Secretary of State arrives in Senegal as 11-day tour of Africa kicks-off

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Starting her 11 day tour of Africa, the U.S Secretary of State Mrs. Clinton set foot in Senegal’s capital Dakar as she embarks her African tour. During her trip across Africa, she is expected to tour Kenya, Uganda, South Sudan, Ghana, Malawi and South Africa.  Mrs. Clinton is among other things expected to praise the country’s democratic achievements following the recent held elections. Top on the list though is the security issue affecting many of the said states with the inclusion of the latest being the seizure of sections of the neighboring Mali by the Islamist militants.

She is expected to discuss on the security matters with the Senegalese President Macky Sall, and assess the developments made in the Sahel region where the U.S government sent its military forces to help save the already dire situation. This comes as the U.S African Command (Africom) has been making efforts in provision of considerable resources into training forces across West Africa.

In a public address, Mrs. Clinton is anticipated to hail the democratic example that Senegal has portrayed to other African nations given the nature of the state that has been plagued with coups and constant conflicts. In March elections, Abdoulaye Wade was defeated by Mr. Sall in the presidential elections and whose bid for a third term led to a deadly protest.

Though Senegal has indeed made great steps in its development record, the democratic achievements have repeatedly been warned by the U.S officials blaming rampant corruption. Come Friday, the U.S Secretary official shall become the first ever senior official to visit South Sudan since it gained independence last year. The tour also includes paying a private visit to South Africa’s anti-apartheid leader Nelson Mandela in his hometown of Qunu.

Ghana shall be her final stop as she’ll be attending the 10th August state funeral for the country’s late president, John Atta Mills who passed away last week.

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