14 dead in Western Uganda after an Ebola outbreak

Uganda – Ebola patients

Following an eruption of the deadly Ebola virus in Western Uganda, 14 people are said to have succumbed to death out of 20 who tested positive for the deadly virus early July. According to a report issued by a World Health Organization (WHO) representative, Joaquim Sewaka, the eruption of the virus was first detected in the Western Kibaale District; which lies 50 km from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) border and approximately 200 km west of Ugandan Capital city Kampala.

However, quick response has been received courtesy of the Ugandan Health Ministry and United States Government Centre for Disease Control (CDC). The medics had been dispatched in the affected areas in a bid to mitigate further transmission. Currently, they’re focusing on taking stringent measures in the affected areas. “The response is strong and we will try to set up quarantine points as soon as possible,” Sewaka said.
In 2007, the disease claimed 27 lives in the same area and left about 170 more dead in the northern part of the country in 2000.


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