No credible opposition – As the Sierra Leone Peoples Party becomes an international embarrassment to the state

Opposition parties in any democracy are meant to hold the government in power to account, and work in the interest of the people to ensure the government does not abuse its power in office. But in the small West African state of Sierra Leone, it is not business as usual and politics is in complete shambles.

Julius Maada Bio – No democratic credentials

The SLPP has been at the forefront of Sierra Leonean politics since the country gained its independence from Britain over 5o years ago. You would expect that through this length of time it would have grown in stature and learn a lot from both its time in power, and in opposition. But if its not engaging in corruption, nepotism, and tribalism, it is the reckless form of administering its own organization that has become the trademark of this once highly respected political union.

The SLPP has been reduced to an impetuous undertaking made up of the worst type of politicians our country has ever produced. And bring in the academics who have  been hired to do damage infliction and limitation, they are simply a disgrace to the world of academia. In its recent political engagements, first in selecting a flag-bearer for the forthcoming elections, and then choosing a mass-murderer as its candidate, the SLPP has lost its reputation as a once important component of the political framework of Sierra Leone. Dr. P.K. Muana is supposed to be an Assistant Professor at the Texas A&M University, an important educational institution that takes its role in producing outstanding students, and its place as a well respected higher institution of learning, seriously.

But the University may be shocked to discover that our learned friend P.K. Muana, spends his days in the cyber-world as a spin-doctor manufacturing the vilest of political propaganda against the government of Sierra Leone on behalf of a political party that has ruined the economic and social institutions of our country. You would expect P.K.Muana to know better – but sadly he belongs to that group of academics whose education is simply not by interpretation. The incompetence of Julius Maada Bio, the SLPP flag-bearer, has seen the drafting of P.K. Muana as speech writer and political appraiser, to fill in the gap, as the man presented to the Sierra Leonean people as choice for president by the country’s oldest political party, is incapable of even writing a speech to deliver his party’s plan for the next five years if they win the coming election. An unlikely prospect as that is, the SLPP has no formidable policy they have presented to the electorate as testament of their intentions if at all they win the coming elections. P.K. Muana is a member of most of the online political forums set up by the SLPP to harvest the most despicable innuendos and fabricated lies you would find on any Internet fora.

The SLPP has embarked on an unprecedented nasty media campaign, both online and using rag-tag news sheets, to tarnish the names of the current political leaders of the APC party. Exposing how desperate they are , and knowing full-well that the only tactic they can use is smear campaign, they have resorted to all sorts of dirty games to express their naivety, and this has inadvertently exposed their ulterior motive if they gain power once more. The SLPP knows no other way to campaign in an election. They know they cannot face the people and ask for another chance. That has been given before and it was squandered with the biggest corruption exercise undertaken by any sitting government. The country’s vault was vandalised and resources looted. You cannot face an electorate with this record in power!! Those who should come out and speak for the party are all notorious criminals who are well known across the country for their pilfering hands. You cannot send a thief to campaign for you in a make or break election!

The hierarchy of the SLPP is made up of career criminals who have spent their entire political lives looting the state coffers and they know no other profession, and are patiently waiting to lay their hands once more on the finances of a nation that is just standing on its feet again. Recently, after trying everything else in the books and failed, the SLPP has now instituted a new kind of campaign. To discourage investors from tapping into the huge natural potential Sierra Leone offers. This shows that the welfare of the people who have endured unbearable hardship at the hands of these criminals, is not, and will never be a priority of the SLPP. You cannot base an election winning strategy on the lies you spew out there. You cannot spend an election campaign period trying to make the government/party in power look corrupt or bad. There has been no connection with the Sierra Leonean people. Most of the press conferences the SLPP has hosted have been nothing but propaganda exercises to demonise the Head of State or his Vice President. Even when the flag-bearer recently pronounced the so called plans of his party, 80% of his speech was made up of vile remarks about the Head of State. That in itself is worrying. What do you bring into government if elected? What would constitute your agenda?

Signs of a good opposition leader is when he acknowledges the good work of the sitting Head of State. But if the United Nations and the IMF reports that Sierra Leone has the biggest economic growth in Africa since Ernest Bai Koroma took over as President, and you the opposition leader refuses to acknowledge this, it raises serious credibility issues. First, its either you are incompetent to understand what is happening around you, which then renders you unfit to govern, or it shows an awkward desperation to just get into power and cause havoc. Julius Maada Bio’s record in power is just not pleasant to present to any electorate and ask for a shot at power again. And no matter how hard the likes of P.K. Muana and the rest of idle academics like Lans Gberie attempt to re-invent his image with grammar substitutions, it will only be futile. The damage has been done. You cannot step out of the damage you have done and expect to be given another chance, when you have failed to acknowledge that damage was ever done!! This is what Muana and Gberie expect you to do: to take the human rights atrocities committed by the thief they support as candidate,  and shove it under the carpet and pretend business is as usual. No P.K,  business is not as usual, Maada Bio is simply a thief who stole your money and our peoples money, and he will not have another chance to do so again!!

No matter how Muana and Sheku Kallon and others invent stories about the VP being corrupt or this shady deals here and there, the dark past of the SLPP, and the atrocities committed by Julius Maada Bio, are important factors that will play a significant and decisive part in the coming November elections. The stories about the Vice President are nothing new. The Mark Heligman letter was just about a wanna be investor who thought he can take our country for a ride. Even Al-Jazeera attempted to expose corruption conspiring with one of our own, Sorius Samura, and they failed miserably.  It was just a fickle of their imagination and it only exposed the incompetence of both Sorious and Al-Jazeera. All sorts of trash have been written about our president, Ernest Bai Koroma, but he is revered and mobbed wherever he goes in the country because people are seeing and experiencing visible changes around them. You cannot rely on what you write or say about another to help you win an election – it is what you say or write about yourself that might give you a chance, And in the SLPP’s case there is really nothing to write about – maybe just to explain why 29 people where massacred in cold blood and a pregnant woman was butchered with her unborn baby left to die!!


First Published on Newstime Africa July 28, 2012 

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  1. A Luke

    Surely it cannot be that difficult to take PK Muana to task by for example challenging him to a debate at his own University and in front of other lecturers and hos own students. In this way, his employers, colleagues and students would know what he really represents and will have to make an informed view, whether they should continue to retain his services and whether his views and politics are consistent with the colleges values.

    Professor Muana, Sheku Kallon and others need to be exposed. Part of the problem for Sierra Leone is that there are many of these would -be ministers in waiting in the US, UK and elsewhere, who early wait for the revealing of the their party on the country, so that they can return and fulfil their personal and vested interests.

  2. Coco K

    Sorry …. but I think Dr. P.K. Muana and other supporters of d “violent” should come back home and live in the slums as some innocent Sierra Leoneas do. Let them stop making noise from the USA let them come back home so they can see what we are going through. I dont blame them, they are enjoying the labour of the Americans, light, water, dollars etc. Bio, Mauna,Kallon all of you should come back and live in Salone, then we will listen to you. For now backoff.

  3. Our nation’s body politic is diseased because of the characteristics of contaminants within SLPP which is currently an international disgrace.
    The onus now devolves on all members of the APC to be more vigilant about protecting political power because:-
    –power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely especially as we now have impotent opposition;
    – guard against complacency about security;
    – no government can be 100% efficient, effective, and economical;
    – we need to optimise transparent accountability through zero tolerance of
    lawlessness and non-compliances of mandatory stipulations,
    – discourage births-growths-protections of untouchable rogues/thieves and
    – improve cleanliness and hygiene because prevention is better and cheaper than
    – identify and confirm negativisms and convert to positives.
    – etc.

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