China calls for coordination from International Community to act on Somalia Piracy

Somali Pirates

China’s Deputy permanent representative to the United Nations, Wang Min has urged the international community to join hands in strengthening the cooperation and coordination on the Somalia’s piracy menace. While addressing the 12th Plenary Meeting of the Contact Group on Piracy off the Coast of Somalia (CGPCS), he agitated for quick action to be taken to resolve the looming predicament. “The issue of piracy off the Somalia coast has always posed a serious threat to stability and development of the region as well as safety and security of international shipping,” said Wang Min.

Established on 14th, 2009, the CGPCS was yielded with a common goal of facilitating the coordination and discussion on the best actions to take in curbing and suppressing the piracy off the Coastal strip of Somalia. Over 60 nations from across the globe took part in the forum with the inclusion of international organizations. The Chinese diplomat stated that indeed China backs the efforts aimed at combating piracy off the Somalia Coast by taking an active participation in implementing the Security Council’s resolutions and International Laws all based under the framework of CGPCS. “At present, acts of piracy are still running rampant. They are getting apparently industrialized and violent, with increased all-weather piracy capabilities and expanding scope of attacks. It’s now imperative for the international community to strengthen coordination and cooperation to cope with these developments,” he said.

According to the statement read by the Wang, the Chinese Navy began dispatching escort to the Gulf of Aden in 2009 as a way of making its presence felt in the mission. By mid this year, already 12 batches of 31 warships meant to engage in the escort missions of about 4,711 vessels in approximately 469 batches have been flagged off. “The escort missions are 100 percent successful,” he added. Wang also called upon the international community to take a quick move in order to promote the ongoing efforts. He also pointed out on the need for providing consistent support in resolving the disputes by way of giving dialogue a chance. “China will continue to work with the international community and play a constructive role in promoting the peace process in Somalia,” he said.



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