Kufour leads NPP to mourn John Evans Attah Mills

John Agyekum Kufuor – Former President of Ghana

The former president Mr. John Agyekum Kufour has shown leadership by leading the New Patriotic Party to the seat of government to mourn with the newly sworn in president of the Republic of Ghana, John Dramani Mahama yesterday. “Once a person is elected into the high office of a president, he is no longer for his party alone but a leader for the whole nation,” President Kufour said. “And that is why his death is a lost to the whole nation. We have come to show our condolence to his wife and family, the entire nation and the NDC party,” he concluded. The flagbearer of the NPP who was with the delegation also expressed his condolence to President Mahama and the people of Ghana. According to him, he knew President Mills during their school days in the University of Ghana at Lagon. “We were year mates in the same hall studying law together, he said. “Both of us were in the school football team playing together.”

Both president Kufour and NPP flagbearer Nana Akufo Addo praised the late president Attah Mills. According to Mr. Kufour, Mills brought humility to the presidency. They called on Ghanaians to be united at this time of the country’s grief. Ghanaians are saddened by the sudden death of the president and are together extolling the virtues of Mills saying that he was a humble and God fearing person who worked had to not only solidify democracy in Ghana but also saw to the social and economic liberation of his people.

Meanwhile, some Ghanaians are blaming the advisers of the late president for hiding the true health status of Professor Mills from the public. When a member of parliament for the Lower Manya constituency of the NDC, Honourable Michael Teye Nyaunu, came out in 2009 to say that Mills was sick and that the party should change him, the party executives denied it and castigated the MP. Daily however, as president Mills went about his duties, many Ghanaians expressed concern about how the man was deforming. Rumours started coming in that he has throat and sinus cancer. The handlers of the president including the president himself consistently came out to deny saying that he was in good health.

In June, when rumours came out that the president was dead, the president himself came out and posed before the cameras that he was healthy and that he was only going to the USA for a routine checkup. When Nana Addo issued a statement wishing the president well on the occasion of his medical treatment, the NDC communicators came out and chastised him for shedding crocodile tears insinuating that his statement created the impression that Mills was sick while he was not sick but was only going for a regular checkup like any normal human being. This is why some analysts and commentators are calling for a full disclosure of the late president’s health status. The former president Jerry John Rawlings, a close ally of President Mills, speaking to BBC disclosed that Mills was suffering from a throat cancer and blamed the handlers of the president saying that if they had handled him well, he would have lived a little longer.

In the meantime, the NDC party is saddled with choosing a flagbearer and also President Mahama picking the vice president. With barely five months to election, many are wondering how the party will put its acts together to win the 2012 presidential election. While some are suggesting that Mr. Mahama should be retained as the party’s flagbearer, others are calling that nomination should be opened to all so that to go to congress to elect their presidential candidate. Many of the NDC sympathizers are calling on the Rawlingses to use the demise of Professor Mill to settle their differences and join the fold to win power for the party. It’s however doubtful whether they will join considering the fact that his wife has formed a new political party known as the National Democratic Party NDP. Meanwhile condolences are pouring in from the international community.

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