“The pastor can be arrested.” Kenya’s Attorney General speaks out as the Clergy raises alarm

During a press conference held in Nairobi, Kenya’s Attorney General Githu Muigai has voiced his opinion regarding the story recently aired on NTV’s news segment that has shed light on one Michael Njoroge; a pastor and church leader of City Cabanas who’s alleged to be making use of prostitutes to fake miracles in his church in an attempt to convince more Christians of his miracle abilities. One of the prostitutes who came out giving her personal account with the pastor is Esther Mwende. She now claims that she’s been receiving anonymous calls from unknown assailants who’ve issued threats over her life following the evidence she revealed on camera to NTV.

The story which has caught the attention of the public in the past couple of days has raised more questions than answers from the members of the cloth and the public at large. In his statement, he stated that, “Pastor Michael Njoroge can be arrested and arraigned in court if the public raised a complaint and gave the court enough evidence to the court incriminating the pastor. The church where the pastor operates can also see their operation license cancelled by the Government registry.”
He was categorical on the fact that if in any case anyone shall rise up and sue the pastor who has been accused of making use of sex workers in his ministry, they should abide by the law and follow the rightful procedures in bringing the matter to book. He advised that enough evidence should be gathered given the fact in the previous cases several cases had been received but missing grounds that could possibly lead to their failure of the act suggested.

Meanwhile, a section of members of the Clergy have also come out in the light speaking about the matter. They’ve strongly condemned the allegations made relating to the pastor and they’ve urged the government to step up on the matter and make quick interventions by undertaking a crack down on such individuals involved in similar acts.

The pastors have voiced their concerns too claiming that it’s only a few who are taking the church for commercial grounds and tainting the good image of the holy place and service. Bishop Dan Migosi of New Life Pentecostal Church spoke on the matter saying, “The church in Kenya is stable. It is only a few who are spoiling its name by their actions. They are doing wrongful acts by the standards set because some of them are selling anointing oil which should not be for sale. Some have sold brooms, soil and stones in the church and some even sell water. If the government can have mechanism of investigating some of the people around that pose as if they are doing miracles yet some of them are not registered, that would help the church. The pulpit has been played with by a few individuals and it’s high time the church goes back to where it is supposed to be.”



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