Libya’s Liberal Coalition beats Islamist parties in polls

Prime Minister Mahmud Jibril

According to reports revealed on Tuesday, Libya’s liberal coalition beat the Islamist parties in a rather hotly contested first poll since the ouster of Muammar Gaddafi. But it remains uncertain as to who shall claim dominance in the next congress. Prime Minister Mahmud Jibril led the liberal coalition; The National Forces Alliance to gain 38 seats out of the overall 80 which were open to parties in the General National Congress. This forms the first ever authority in power after the country encountered more than four decades of dictatorship. The elections also saw the Justice and Constitution Party take 17 seats under the leadership of Libya’s Muslim Brotherhood. It however turns out that the complete tally issued out by the electoral commissions in charge of the election does not paint a realistic picture about who shall be likely to dominate the incoming congress. This is in respect to 120 seats out of 200 which were reserved for individual candidates contesting in the elections. The remaining seats were issued to a constellation of smaller parties. Word has it that the two major parties leading at the top of the contest are currently courting the smaller parties in an effort to formulate a dominant block within the congress. This is regarded as the point where major decisions and legislations would require a two-thirds majority to sail through.

Jibril, the NFA leader managed to play a crucial role in drumming up support on international platform to culminate the fall of Gaddafi’s regime. He has now called upon all parties to join a national unity dialogue in an attempt to form an even broader coalition movement. The NFA is allegedly claimed to bring on board a total of 60 parties comprising of independent public figures being led by technocrats who resided abroad and strongly advocated for a moderate Islam, liberalization of the economy and transparency to the West. Meanwhile, the head of Justice and Construction Party, Mohammed Sawan has also expressed confidence in the presence of the huge number of independents comprised in the congress stating that the move shall for sure side with the Islamists. The elections also saw the election of one female independent candidate and at least 30 other women who managed to secure seats in the congress. This was courtesy of the stand pledged by the electoral system which obliged all parties host female candidates for purposes of equality. In aggregate, the women are expected to hold approximately 16.5 percent out of the total 200 seats.

Now Libya is tasked with ensuring the appointment of new interim government officials. The congress is under pressure to fulfill their people’s aspirations by steering the country’s economy for roughly one year before fresh elections can be undertaken under their new constitution.

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