Algeria: 5 terrorists killed in an ambush, shoot out in Kabylia


Five terrorist who were believed to be members of the group Al Qaida in Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) have been killed in an ambush staged in Tuesday night in the region of Takhoukht in Kabylia by the Algerian security forces. This important operation occurred four days only after the group has attacked the headquarters of the police in the locality of Larbaa des Ouacifs killing two policemen and injuring two others. The Algerian security forces have staged the ambush against the armed terrorist group after having collected information over its whereabouts and plan to perpetrate a terrorist attack in the region.

This seriate (terrorist group) has been headed for long time by the Emir El-Khechkhach eliminated in an ambush in Azib Ahmed on the outskirts of Tizi-Ouzou at the beginning of the current year. The security situation that prevails in recent weeks in the region of Kabylia is a bad omen that it remains unimproved in spite of efforts made by the security services that mobilize significant human and material means to root out efficiency the terrorist groups. The connection between terrorism and organized crime in the region of Kabylia that removed several economic operators is a non-negligible issue of concern of the population.


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