Cameroonians in Sweden celebrate their country’s National Day


The President of the Cameroon community in Skåne in Sweden has described the political situation in his country as a unique one. Speaking to Nordic Africa News in Malmö City on the 19th of May Mr Franklin Tougwa said ” While it is true that there are tensions internally over the mainly English- Speaking Southern region, Cameroon is a special case because the Cameroonian people strongly believe in a fruitful dialogue instead of an armed struggle”. Cameroon is one of the peaceful countries in West Africa. In addition, Mr. Tougwa stressed that ” Cameroon is like a family where there is always a conflict but it does not mean the family is divided”.

Asked whether President Paul Biya was one of the world’s ruthless enduring dictators. He answered that ” Though President Biya has ruled Cameroon for 29 years the parliament is responsible because it allows the President to change the law from time to time”. Mr. Tougwa spoke during celebrations marking the National Day of Cameroon. The program was held at the Banquet hall in Malmö, Sweden’s second biggest city.

It is worth noting that Franklin is a Civil and Computer Software Engineer. When this seasoned Engineer was praised for his leadership capabilities and diligent organizational skills that led to the success of this occasion which was described by many as the first of its kind in the Skåne region, he shifted this praises to his dedicated executive members in particular and the members in general and stressed the fact that he is just a leader and can not succeed in mission without the support of his members. He used the occasion to call on all Cameroonians in Skåne to join Skåne Association of Cameroonians(SKÅNACAM).

Despite the fact that Franklin is from the Anglophone region of Cameroon, he speaks both English and French fluently and preaches the gospel of national unity. Many Cameroonians came from the different cities of Sweden and nearby Denmark to take part in the celebration. Many Africans answered present to assist Cameroonians in the celebration with a good number of them coming from Nigeria, Burundi and the Tanzania communities.

Another Cameroonian in the audience, Ms. Bridget Ndolo Cumber told this magazine that ”most Cameroonians are of the opinion that the French-speaking region has the upper hand when it comes to political matters”. She said ” it does not matter who is in power, the point is whether he or she is doing the right thing”,

Another powerful speaker of the evening was Dr. Ransom Lekunze, a Cameroonian Associate Professor of the Metropolitan University College, Copenhagen Denmark, who outlined the history of Cameroon telling the audience that ” Cameroon is more than a football nation, it has one of the highest literacy rates in Africa”

A traditional african fashion parade was a highlight of the festivities. The audience was served traditional Cameroonian dishes while Cameroonian-born artist Jacky Kingue thrilled the audience with his funky dance moves. The theme of the program was ”Come and discover the rich culture and tradition of the Cameroonian people”.

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