Malawi bows to pressure and will not host the African Union summit

The African Union

Malawi has finally bowed down to pressure and announced that it will not host the Africa Union heads of state summit next month, days after the Sudanese government pushed the African Union commission to move summit to Ethiopia.
Sudan’s move follows a threat by Malawi’s President Joyce Banda that President Omar Hassan Al-bashir will be arrested if he attends the summit in Lilongwe. Al Bashir is wanted by the International Criminal Court of Justice to answer genocide charges in the death of hundreds of people in Darfur.

And in a statement, Malawi’s Vice President Khumbo Kachali said the AU commission has told Malawi that as a host nation it is obliged to invite all heads of state of member countries to the summit including Al bashir. It is said the commission made its position clear that if Malawi is not willing to welcome Al bashir then the commission will move the summit to another country. “The cabinet met this morning (Friday) to deliberate the issue after Sudan officially wrote the commission to shift the summit. It was noted that the preparations for the summit are on course as certified by the AU commission delegation that was in the country last week, but then accepting the conditions of the commission will be against the wishes of Malawians,’ states the statement.

Malawi has since informed the AU commission of its decision. Meanwhile, while others are welcoming the decision, some private sector players are bitter considering the fact that they invested hugely in their respective businesses such as accommodation and transport in readiness for the summit. This comes as the government officials urged the hospitality industry to renovate and build up more facilities to host the delegates, among other services. President Banda earlier wrote the AU commission that it should invite a low profile delegate from Sudan and not Al-bashir whose visit last year during the COMESA summit cost Malawi donor support. Banda said his visit to Malawi has ‘’economic implications’’.


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  1. wokhuzidwa

    What economic implications as if anything has been agreed? Making painful decisions in a twinkle of an eye is not good for development and business planning alike. My undecided government will keep dancing to never-to-be fulfilled promises from scrupulous donors who want but see poor people of Malawi in more deep problems and claim they are working on a solution for Malawi. Why are we not seeing that their own governments in Europe are broke and on the brink of collapse but we still expect them to solve our problems leaving their own? The solution for Malawi lies with us “Malawians” not donors, period. ICC is a court for Africans only and any other poor country in East Europe? Why are they not arresting George W Bush, Obama and Tony Blair who caused the death of many people in the Arab World and elsewhere??

  2. Mighty Malaŵi


    The idea that Her Excellency Joyce Banda has made a wrong decision is alter rubbish at best.

    While is it true that Bush and similar pundits should have been prosecuted but were not, is no reason to not prosecute al bashir.

    As a matter of fact al bashir went after southern Sudan people because they looked like the rest of African presidents…(dark skinned)…ethnic cleansing…Next staple Bashir is going to fund the rebellion to all dark skinned presidents….Get it! This is what happened with Hitler with his expansionist policy appeasement…

    African leaders who fail to take a stance against such savage and satanic thinking against humanity are planting seeds of their own demise….Al bashir hates those that don’t look like him…he is like Hitler…

    We are not going to let criminals out of prisons just because we have not been successful to get all criminals behind bars…what kind of lame excuse is that?….and who is behind that kind of justification other than organized scared criminal African presidents who feel their cover will be busted if such measure start taking precedent?

  3. Malawi President Joyce Banda is a Western Puppet, an aid dependent beggar. With all the “real” issues facing impoverished Malawi she is in deep services to agendas and interest groups from outside. “How can I get more aid”, “How can I arrest the enemies of the West.”Notable things in her short term in office have been to completely cause friction between the dying governmental Pan-Africanism over ICC racist beef with Africans. Nothing to stimulate African trade, just allow better exploitation and puppetry.

    The ICC has only warrants with African names on it. ICC has zero clout in Israel and America. Actually they cannot even hint at arresting any American citizen. Banda is also a champion for gay rights and aid. Her entire position is how to make the West love me so I can make Malawi an aid receipent beggar state. Help Darfur’s memory by creating stronger Pan-Africanism not appeasing Western funders, its immoral as she cares nothing about Darfur only aid.

    One would have to be really political simple to believe she is some humanitarian acting in the interest of African. ICC is racist, dont feed racist. We have bigger issues in Africa and one is the neocolonialism everything should be put in place (all differences set aside ) to stop this from happening again. Worst than Bashir is everything in the West

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