Algeria: 16 political parties to boycott parliament


Disappointed with the results of the May 10 parliamentary elections, 16 political parties took on Monday, a decision to boycott the chamber and call for the draft of a new constitution. The political parties which threatened to boycott the parliament if they found fraud and irregularities put in execution their threat.Sixteen parties’ leaders and representatives have held on Monday a lengthy meeting in Algiers to find a common political ground and to determine the steps they must take to recover their status as regard to their consideration of being severely affected by the election results. The Algerian National Front (FNA), the Front for Justice and Development (FJD), El Fedjr El Jadid, the Front for Change (FC), the Freedom Party and Justice (PLJ), the Republican Patriotic Rally (RPR), the National Front of Independents for Concord (FNIC), the new Front of Algeria (FAN), the Front of National Accord (FEN) that the National Democratic Front (NDF), the Movement El Infitah, the ruling Justice and manifest (PJM), the Movement of Democratic Youth (MJD), the National Movement for Nature and Development (MNND), the free Nationalist Movement (NLM) and the Front of good governance (FBG) have taken the decision to boycott the parliament and follow their protest movement until they recover their status.

This movement headed by the leader of the Front for Justice and Development (FJD),Abdallah Djaballah is called the Front policy for safeguarding democracy (FPSD).It campaigns for the draft of a new constitution, able to be in compliance with the Algerian people’s aspirations. The leaders of this new front have decided to expand their activities in the coming days. To show their total inconvenience they have decided to organize the parallel parliamentary group in May 26 to denigrate the fraudsters. Abdallah Djaballah who stated that ” the government has plotted to win the FLN and the RND is joined by another leading figure of this new movement , the president of FC, Abdelmadjid Menasra, according to whom ”Islamist parties were the first victims of fraud. The other political parties who accepted the “verdict” agreed to continue their parliamentary mission such as the Socialist Forces Front (FFS) and the labour party of Louiza Hanoun who never contested the results.

These political parties were expected to join the meeting. ”FFS and the Workers’ Party were invited to participate in the meeting, but they were unable to attend due to their own meetings among their leadership”. The new movement urges the FFS and the Workers’ Party to take part in the protest initiative in order to broaden their voices and give more strength to the action.

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