Sierra Leonean woman in the United States pleads for help in locating her long-lost father Mr John Turay

Dearest Brown - Loking for her long-lost father

My name is Dearest Brown, I am writing through this important medium (Newstime Africa) in an attempt to locate my father Mr. John Suli(a)man Turay, Native of Matotoka in Sierra Leone. I am hoping that through this publication, anyone reading this article will help me locate my father Mr. John Turay. I will provide some background  in order to narrow the search. He attended Boys Secondary School and Form 6 in Magburaka.

He also attended Howard Uniersity here in the U.S. in Washington, DC. At some point, in the early-mid 90’s, he returned to Sierra Leone and may have tried to form a political party of some sort. He may have relocated to Freetown, Sierra Leone. He may have also worked as a Principle/ Teacher at a secondary school in Sierra Leonne. There is a $500.00 U.S. Dollar cash reward for a single person who can help me locate my father and/or a close relative of Mr. John Suli(a)man Turay. If you can help me, it would be greatly appreciated.  I can be reached at:   Phone: 202-905-8585 Work: 202-678-0700 ext 206 Alternate #: 202-547-5878 Email: . Thank you all!!

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  1. moses

    Do you want to tell me that since birth you dont know,well for me ask your mother if she has a picture maybe from there we will trace it thank you

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