In Algeria – parliamentary elections candidates redouble campaign


Ahead of the Algeria ’s parliamentary elections on May 10 pre-election campaign launched in April 15 is in its fifth day and thousands of contenders are intensifying their campaigns. Independent candidates and political parties seeking to win voter support are capitalizing on the current unstable political situation in the country. No less than 44 parties are competing for domination in public areas where programs are distributed. The political leaders are making huge crowds day after day trying to collect as much votes as they can in a special political background marked by appeals to boycott. The success of this vote depends upon the turnout and the establishment of strong parliament able to strictly monitor the performance of the government is the common denominator of the different candidates. Posters, leaflets, slogans and other printed campaign materials are dominating the Algerian political scene and daily news conferences are staged everywhere throughout the country.

Conditions to ensure equal rights for all candidates seem to be guaranteed by the public authorities but some parties denounce the disequilibrium as the pro-government parties that dominate voting in nearly all elections experience abundance of resources such as the democratic national rally (DNR) and the liberation national front (LNF). This explains much of their dominance.

The Algerian public authorities that guarantee to their citizens and public associations the right to conduct unimpeded pre-election campaigns for or against any candidate or a political party in compliance with the law are intensifying calls to massive participation through media. The candidates running for the May 10 parliamentary elections are praising the increasing hydrocarbon revenues as an asset that can allow the future government to build a strong state on solid economic basis. The ban by the Algerian authorities on using places of worship in campaigns, did not dissuade some Islamists to try to woo worshipers to elect candidates able to implement a constitution in compliance with the Islamic faith. Islamic contenders by referring to the big win made in Arab world urge people to participate massively in these parliamentary elections to establish justice among Algerian society.

The working class areas are also targeted by labor contenders who stress the increasing cost pressure to promise a better future. “The easiest way to do so is to encourage production and satisfy the local demand with banning all forms of speculation and corruption” said one militant of labor party. Idriss Rebouh ,member of the national council of the front for the change (FC) said that “people must participate massively in these elections to success in building a free parliament that can monitor the government’s way of ruling the country and ensuring the freedom of expression to all Algerians”. For the party of rally for culture and democracy (RCD) “these elections will not in any way change the fate of Algerians that depends entirely upon the current political system”.

Considered to be rigged in advance by this important political party, these parliamentary elections are also criticized by the Algerian former Prime Minister Sid Ahmed Ghozali who privileges the boycott to thwart the Algerian government’s policy.


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