Politics of deceit, lies and propaganda – Desperate attempt by Sierra Leone’s opposition SLPP to grab power once more

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Since President Ernest Bai Koroma assumed office in September 2007, the SLPP has not spared a moment to lash out at the budding government on every issue in the sun. If they are not boycotting parliamentary sessions or drumming up war drums they are questioning the purchase of arms by the police or accusing the government of being regionally imbalanced much to the chagrin of members of the public, who strive day-in-day-out to eke out a living.

There is this lie about the APC being a regionally imbalanced government which the SLPP continues to peddle with ease and reckless abandon. I continue to ask myself, what is wrong with the all-embracing crew now onboard the development and transformation ship being steered by the astute, prudent, foresighted and transformative Captain called President Dr Ernest Bai Koroma?

Since a change of government took place almost five years ago, there was an inevitable change of the main players.  Are our brothers and sisters on the other side still finding it difficult to accept that governance isn’t just about sharing positions just for the heck of it? What is it in all of this that the SLPP don’t understand between “government of national unity” and an “all-embracing government”?

As a matter of fact there are many South/Easterners unflinchingly pursuing the “Agenda for Change” to its logical conclusion right here within the Ernest Koroma-led government. Let me give you a breakdown of what I mean by a government that is all- embracing:
(1) Alhaji Chief Sam Sumana—Vice President–Kono, East,

(2) Joseph Bandabla Dauda—Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation– Mende, East,

(3) Ebun Jusu—Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation–Mende, South,

(4) Steven Guaja—Minister of Gender and Children’s Affairs– Mende, South,

(5) Musa Tarawallie—Minister of Internal Affairs–Mende/Madingo, South,

(6) Vandi Chidi Minah—Minister of Transport and Aviation–Mende/Krim, South,

(7) Sylvester Osmond Hanciles—Deputy Minister of Transport and Aviation–Sherbro/Mende, South

(8) Hindolo Trye—Minister of Labour and Social Security–Mende, South,

(9) Daniel Gaima—Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Security–Mende/Kissi, East,

(10) Chief Benson Suwu—Deputy Minister of Political and Public Affairs–Mende, East,

(11) Tamba Borbor Sawyer—Deputy Minister of Health and Sanitation—Kissi/Mende, East,

(12) Sylvester Basopan Goba—Deputy Minister of Tourism and Culture—Sherbro/Mende, South,

(13) Dr Socco Kabia—Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources—Mende/Temne, South/North,

(14) Dr Komba Kono—Minister of State, Vice President’s Office—Kono, East,

(15) William Juana Smith—Resident Minister East, Mende, South,

(16) Moijueh Kaikai—Resident Minister South, Mende, South,

(17) Arrow Bockarie—Deputy Minister of Justice—Mende, South,

(18) Dr Lansana Nyallay—Deputy Minister of Education, Science and Technology—Mende, East,

(19) Munda Rogers—Director-General Sierra Leone Roads Authority—Mende, South.
With all of these appointments made by President Ernest Bai (Development) Koroma, is the SLPP saying they still cannot see that this government is all-embracing and warm to south/easterners as it is to westerners and northerners? Are they saying they can’t see that this government is one with a national character?

I agree there’s a lot to be done in the country and I also agree that not everything is rosy in Sierra Leone today, especially in these days of global financial crises. But the truth is, President Koroma’s leadership in many areas is second to none in the entire history of Sierra Leone. Go to Bo, Kenema, Moyamba, Pujehun, Kailahun and see for yourself the progress being made by this government on a day-to-day and sector-by-sector basis. In fact, all the roads being constructed and rehabilitated right across the country haven’t been done for the past 20 years, and they are being done with our own money; the taxes we as workers and big companies pay to government.

Why SLPPians can’t see all this or is it because of the desperation to regain power at all cost? Apart from merely highlighting the development and transformation ongoing in the country for public consumption, the benefits of the meticulous and painstaking implementation of the “Agenda for Change” is being seen, felt, recognized and appreciated by the people, and the SLPP cannot say they are being excluded.

On the issue of the arms and ammunition purchase by the police, which the SLPP had also plastered right across the globe, I continue to challenge myself as to the rationale behind the motivation to question efforts aimed at boosting the capacity of the security forces to carry out their constitutional duty of maintaining law and order and secure the lives and property of the populace.

Have the SLPP and its presidential candidate stopped for one second to ask themselves what would happen in this country if the security forces lack basic equipment and weapons to do their job, especially when armed robbers, mischief-makers and rabble rousers know that the police lack capacity to stop them? These are normal government activities the SLPP has decided to unnecessarily open up to public debate and scrutiny, which I fervently believe is uncalled for.

This entire hullabaloo about arms and ammunition purchase by the police and army is just plain rubbish and the SLPP knows this. How does the SLPP expect our armed forces to effectively participate in peacekeeping missions in Africa when they lack basic hardware and equipment? One thing I personally indisputably believe is that no amount of attempted BLACKMAIL (through the perpetuation of lies, deceit and propaganda) would distract this very responsible, astute, foresighted and transformative leadership of President Dr Ernest Bai Koroma. Absolutely not!

I even wonder what some of these young guys are doing consorting with a bunch of coup makers, nation-wreckers, money-grubbing lying rogues and false pretenders for money and such-like characters whose only aim is to achieve power Pa O Pa (Power at all cost). God Forbid!!!

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  3. Great article Jarra. These guys are indeed doing nothing but perpetuating lies, deceit and propaganda against a government that is doing extremely well when compared against former governments in Sierra Leone. Well done Jarrah. Their lack of patriotism will bring them nothing but dissapointment.

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