Abdulai Bayraytay appointed National Publicity and Outreach Coordinator Office of the Government Spokesman in Sierra Leone

Abdulai Bayraytay - appointment

He is one of  Sierra Leone’s most distinguished academic. He served his country with distinction as Personal Assistant to the Foreign Minister. He has been at the forefront defining Sierra Leone’s foreign policy implementation – bringing a new style of administration and a professional attitude in dealing with complex matters affecting our country’s diplomats around the world.

With an impressive record of achievement both at home and abroad, he has been called upon again to serve his country as National Publicity and Outreach Coordinator and Communications Advisor Office of the Government Spokesman at the Ministry of Information and Communications. Abdulai Bayraytay brings to his new job a dynamic spirit of hope and enthusiasm that can only be matched by his love for country and his selfless patriotism. Sierra Leone is in desperate need for a more refined media approach to reflect directly on government national and international policies – and Bayraytay’s appointment is an attempt to fill the vacuum that already exists, and that threatens the hard-earned reputation of a country in transition.

The media’s role in any country’s development is crucial, and when there is absence of a strategic approach to communicate the work of government, the consequences can be fatal. Bayraytay’s appointment is an important step in the right direction – whether he would be given the free-hand to exercise his duties efficiently and effectively, only time will tell!


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