Senegal’s presidential election run-off will take place on Sunday the 25th of March 2012

Macky Sall - Presidential hopeful

The people of the West African state of Senegal will this Sunday (March 25th2012) go to the polls for the second rounds of Senegal’s elections between incumbent President Abdoulaye Wade and former Prime Minister Macky Sall. The run off which was earlier scheduled for the 18th March 2012 has been re scheduled for the 25th March 2012. The military, police and other security institutions have instead cast their votes on the 18th March 2012. As of now the country is said to be quiet, as the International community has called for peace to be given a chance. What is widely now been debated in public are  what parties out of the remaining 12, have decided to back up either President Wade or Macky Sall in the eminent run off come this Sunday.

The political atmosphere in the country is observed to be tense but in the quiet mood and campaign of both presidential candidates, things are going on peacefully across the country. Out of the 14 presidential candidates, President Wade led in the first round of the elections with 34.82% while Macky Sall got 26.57% both short of getting the required percentage to be declared the winner. However both Wade and Sall did call for calm and restrained their supporters from doing anything that will disturb the peace of the country.

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