North America Progressive Union (NAPU) invites all to attend the Sierra Leoneans thanksgiving day on March 3rd 2012

Sierra Leone

We Sierra Leoneans in North America and the APC North America Progressive Union, “a group of concerned citizens living in North America”  are inviting all Sierra Leoneans to attend The Sierra Leoneans Thanksgiving Day on March 3rd from 5:00pm to 4:00am which, will take place at 8300 Carroll Avenue Takoma Park MD. 20912. The purpose of this prayer is in support of stopping the riots in Sierra Leone, we are requesting that every citizen, family and friends makes proper arrangement to make this day a success.

As citizens of Sierra Leone, we are sickened by the recent riots and destruction in Sierra Leone, this change of attitude and incapacity to dialogue is clearer to us as we now live abroad, we therefore ask our Comrades and all Sierra Leoneans to participate in this program and agree that we do not need physical violence in Sierra Leone.

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