Presidential elections results are out in Senegal – There will be a run-off in March

Macky Sall - High expectations

The Constitutional Court of Senegal last night (February 29th) released  the much awaited Senegal’s Presidential  elections result and confirmed that there will be a ‘Le 2eme tour’ (second -round) scheduled for March 18th2012. Two out of the 14 Presidential candidates so far made it to the top and will go for the RUN –OFF. They are President Abdoulaye Wade and Macky Sall.

The results (front-runners) states thus:-

Abdoulaye Wade : 942.546 — votes — 34.82%

Macky Sall: .  719.369    ——– votes — 26.57%

Moustapha Niasse:  357.347— votes — 13.20%

Ousmane T Dieng:    305.980 – votes – 11.30%

Idrissa Seck:     212.848 ——— votes – 7.86%

There has been no official comment, from President Wade nor any government official. Presidential candidate Macky Sall promised among other things, that if elected he will reduce prices of essential commodities especially with regards to basic food, will appoint Members of the opposition into State Institutions and will audit all State Institutions. Senegal’s International musician Youssou Ndour, whose presidential candidacy was rejected, is reported to have voiced out his support for Macky Sall. After the announcement of the Presidential results last night, the people of Senegal are reported to be still dressed in their ‘calm’ garments.   What is now discuss in secret as well as in the open are what parties will back either of the two Presidential candidates in the RUN –OFF.

As of now, the political tension in the West African State of Senegal, has died down and the people of Senegal are said to be at PEACE (in the opening) with MAN and (in the opening and in secret) with GOD.

By :- Ralph Ese’Donnu Sawyerr,

Information Attaché,

Embassy of The Republic of Sierra Leone,

In Senegal and The Gambia.

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