Army asked to evacuate flood victims in southern Malawi

Floods affect Malawi development

Lilongwe. The Malawi Defence Force has despatched helicopters and marines to vacuate thousands of villagers who are stranded in Malawi’s flooded villages in the Lower Shire Valley district of Nsanje. Rodney Simwaka Nsanje District Commissioner says heavy rain down pours that have hit highland areas since last week have burst the country’s longest, Shire and another Ruo. “Over 3, 000 villagers have been displaced and some of them have fleed to highlands while most are morooned with high rising lands of the flooded areas. Most of the main roads and bridges to the flooded area have been washed away cutting off over 100 villages.  “Presently we have managed to rescue about 100 99 villagers by canoes but need the assistance of helicopters and marines from the army and the police,” he sad.

The Department of Climate Change and Metrological Services says a cylone “Funso” is responsible for the harsh conditions. A statement by the department says Cyclone Funso – which is in the Mozambican channel – has caused too much rain to fall in Malawi. It says the cyclone is moving eastwards and will continue to hit the southern African nation. Simwaka said the people that have been vacuated are being sheltered in schools and churches.

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