Bloodshed in Sierra Leone as opposition SLPP thugs viciously stab and wounded ruling party members during by-election vote

SLPP terror campaign - Lansana Fadika stabbed on the leg

Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone, was the scene of a bloody massacre on Saturday as ruthless thugs and gangs hired by Julius Maada Bio, the human rights abuser-turned presidential candidate, and the  SLPP leadership, went on the rampage to unleash terror and intimidation against ruling party supporters as voting took place in a by-election at Constituency 104, in the ward 369 of the capital. Mayhem and pandemonium broke out as supporters were attacked during broad daylight in an act of violence unseen since the NPRC took control of the country in a coup that ushered in a barbaric military rule that saw human rights atrocities committed with despicable venom against the innocent people of this small West African State.

Julius Maada Bio is a wanted criminal who should have been called at the Hague to answer to charges ranging from summary executions, to human rights atrocities, him and his military cohorts inflicted on those who called for an end to their sinister campaign to silence all their critics by brutal means during their short stint in power in the early nineties. Maaada Bio was recently selected to be the flag-bearer of the opposition SLPP, a party that has lost its political direction, which despite the heinous crimes committed, fully documented, went out of its way to select a mass-murderer as candidate for president. Maada Bio’s record in office was not a pleasant one. During his tenure, the country’s coffers was looted, and there was total breakdown of the state economy. Respect for human rights was not on the agenda as innocent people were accused and then punished for crimes they never committed. The SLPP knew what it was doing when it decided to elect Bio as flag-bearer. They were fully aware that the writing was on the wall, another massive defeat by the APC was on its way, and their previous record in office combined with the ruthless and tyrannical example their flag-bearer has already shown, meant they stood no chance if the elections in 2012 were peaceful, and non-violent.

They were not prepared to take any chances as they suddenly realised that another deafeat would mean doomsday for a party that is the oldest political entity in the country, and this would mean they will be finally confined to the history books for good. The SLPP cannot win any election in Sierra Leone without violence and intimidation being at the core of their political strategy. Those who disgracefully man this type of politicking should hang their heads in shame, as they are the worst example of political leadership this country has ever seen. Not recognising the trauma and terror already perpetrated on an innocent people, after a 10-year brutal civil war, that saw limbs hacked and pregnant women violently raped and murdered, the total disregard for the safety and protection of human lives by the SLPP, demonstrates a brutal attempt to once more seek power in Sierra Leone.

Our people should not condone or allow our country to once more sink into the abyss of violence and chaos. As a country, our historical past has already been tainted with the worst crimes ever committed on a people, and if the recent signs are anything to go by, the SLPP are hell-bent on unleashing carnage once more and drag a now peaceful nation into another civil-war. Despite the need to maintain a good human rights record, the present government of  President Ernest Bai Koroma, must take no chances. The leadership of the SLPP must be held to account for any violence instigated for corrupt political reasons. The international community and stake-holders must be made fully aware that in as much as progress has been made in preserving a democratic atmosphere, our national security takes precedence over any other consideration that may have human rights at its core!! Opposition party leaders and members, if found wanting, should be arrested and face the full penalty of the law, as they are directly responsible for any crime committed by their supporters and members. There should be no holding back, and those who stand in the way to stop the government taking action, will be fully culpable for any crimes committed on our people by thugs calling themselves politicians!!

What happened to Lansana Fadika and the other innocent APC supporters, as they were stabbed in broad daylight, just for supporting the ruling party, is a poignant reminder of the risks involved in allowing a man with the blood of innocent Sierra Leoneans in his hand, to run for the highest office in the land. Maada Bio is a nasty reminder of what we have to endure as a nation, when rebels tore into the hinterland with devastating menace as our country’s spirit was shattered by one of our own. Bio represents the worst kind of politics our country has ever witnessed. We should all stand up and say no to the SLPP, and not allow them to lynch our freedom and liberty once more, as the new leadership of our country has already laid out the road-map for a bright and prosperous future, with an Agenda for Change at its very heart!

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  7. In a previous comment on Maada’s plan A & B I asked why the President did ‘nt use the constitutional veto power that only him can use and put the people wanting to take us back to the bitterest era in our history of bloody 10 years of war to isolation/jail ? If a delayed decision to stop the SLPP destroyers was based on righteousness, then was it wrong for the Creator/God/Allah/Buddha and so on to stop the pharoah from capturing moses and his people ? I believe it was an act of doing evil so that good may live. I RESPECT the Hague thinking but it’s SIERRA LEONEANS who are been SLAUGHTERED right now by their own so called educated people for self gains and not true national security. The Maada- SLPP acts are unconstitutional and inhumane. These characters and their characteristics we must no longer doubt but collectively decide and put an end to it through the justice system of Sierra Leone with a secondary international system not the other way around. The victims and their relatives do not have the rest of their lives to wait for an unknown timely judgement day. Should the law abiding citizens, or th Maada-SLPP types be above tha laws of our beloved country-SIERRA LEONE ? I believe a peacefull co-existences would not be acceptable to any evil being but a deserving purnishment is understable. Also, it’s not been dictative to stop one destructive being to save one hundred others that deserve total FREEDOM and want to have be proud of their home land. Now and forever all true Sierra Leoneans must unite behind our President Mr. Koroma in his love for his country and remain patriotic. Long live the President and God be with us and grant us all victory over evil forces.

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