Calls for Britain to Grant Amnesty to Asylum Seekers and Illegal Immigrants from Africa

Britain's  Home Office

Britain's Home Office

Newstime Africa is calling on the British government to give amnesty to the thousands of illegal immigrants and Asylum seekers from Africa living in the UK. This is long overdue! This should be done as a token of appreciation for the contribution Africans have made to their country. Africans all around the UK play a pivotal role in the running of the British National Health Service (THE NHS). Most of the menial jobs are taken by illegal immigrants from Africa as the only means of survival in a country that has a vast number of its potential workforce on welfare benefits. The typical Briton would rather resort to claiming welfare handouts than settle for an ‘unfavourable’ job as a hospital porter or an office cleaner. African illegal immigrants along with those from other countries have helped raise British children as nannies to some of the wealthy aristocrats living in London’s West End.

Some of the country’s top restaurants are lined up with chef’s who are mostly Asylum seekers or ‘over-stayers’. The British economy is 40% reliant on the extra labour it receives from this group of economic migrants who help harvest their crops on farms around the agro-based industry in the country’s suburbs. Farm managers often risk fines and the wrath of the Government to resort to cheap labour that they benefit from, by hiring these illegal immigrants not only to avoid paying taxes but to ensure a healthy profit margin. Africa’s wealth was used to build their country. Our sweat is in their infrastructures. By helping Africans; their families back home will benefit immensely through the assistance they will receive from their loved one’s here who send hard currency they toil to earn to ensure their families can have a livelihood and this in turn will reduce the amount of assistance in the form of aid that these country will need to help sustain the lives of its people.

The current British immigration policies mostly favour European immigrants and consideration for Africa is somewhat non-existent. The government immigration policy caters for the interests of its voters who see Africans and other immigrants as putting an enormous strain on their country’s resources; but there have been arguments to the contrary. According to the BBC News, half a million illegal immigrants should be given the right to stay in Britain, a think tank has said. The Institute of Public Policy Research says such an amnesty would bring in £1bn in extra taxes, and save costs of £4.7bn needed to deport people. It is urging the Home Secretary to adopt the move, saying a large scale deportation would never happen. The Home Office said an amnesty was unnecessary and would create “a strong pull for waves of illegal migration”. It is not known how many illegal immigrants are in the UK, with estimates varying widely from 300,000 to 900,000.

The Home Office has estimated it would take more than 30 years to deport them all. Danny Sriskandandarajah, head of migration and equalities at the Institute of Public Policy Research, said: “The simple truth is that we are not going to deport hundreds of thousands of people from the UK.”Our economy would shrink and we would notice it straightaway in uncleaned offices, dirty streets and unstaffed pubs and clubs.”So we have a choice: make people live in the shadows, exploited and fearful for the future; or bring them into the mainstream, to pay taxes and live an honest life.” Boris Johnson, the London mayor, recently called for an “earned” amnesty for illegal migrants. The interim study by the London School of Economics, commissioned by the mayor, estimated that about 450,000 would qualify for an amnesty which would carry a five-year residency qualification.

The report found that “The vast majority of irregular migrants, especially those who are not asylum seekers are young, single men who use services very lightly”. The report will also look in detail at the costs involved in the provision of public services for those whose position could be regularised. Johnson said the report shows a failure in immigration policy with an estimated increase of 295,000 in irregular migrants in just six years: “It would take the authorities over 60 years to remove the current number of irregular migrants on current trends,” he said. It was perverse that illegal migrants could use public services but were prevented from paying the taxes that fund those services.

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  1. fsmdpl

    Not only the affrican should be granted asylum but it should be for all the irregular inmigrants in this country, having said that there should be a system in place so that any criminal looking to settle in the uk shoud be deported inmidiatly without right to appeal.

  2. henroski

    The call for Amnesty for the so-called illegall immigrants in UK is long overdue Africans are the most traumatised some of them have gone to british jail in the name of working illegally and have their children born in UK detained in the process of deportation for months , the world should continue to persuade the UK that alot of innocent citizens from African are labelled criminal for working and driving offences, for the job that ordinary britons will not do in the first place. There are economic migrants worldwide even within europe why are african migrants treated differently, a national party in UK (BNP) even say they do not want black community in UK , many of the Uk policies on immigration have racial undertone and it is the world that can stop these anomalies. A child born in UK will have to be detained for months before deported what a national policy.

  3. srteji

    Amnesty Scheme for illegal Italian NRIs (The Tribune Sep 17,2009):
    Thanks to an amnesty scheme declared by the Italian Government for nearly 100,000 Indian Immigrants living in Italy without proper documents. Further to above, thanks to the Hon'ble Union Minister of State for External Affairs Preneet Kaur who took up this matter at the highest level in the Home Ministry. President Barack Obama has also vowed to pursue comprehensive US immigration reform later this year with a view to enacting legislation in 2010 providing a “pathway to citizenship” for millions of illegal immigrants. There are 270,000 unauthorised Indians in the US.
    The Indian Government should also take up the issue with the UK Government for granting an amnesty to the millions of undocumented Indian Immigrants who have to live in the shadows in the UK and have not seen their near and dear one's since years, rather living a double life to oneself.

  4. Miah Blair Monuko

    I am mixed, to a white British mom and African dad. My Grandfather was a slave who later on settle in Scotland after serving his master, but my dad was born and rasied in Africa, he was hid by his father when the British came to invade their village. After his services he got his family to come to have a life in the UK.

    I think it’s selffish and not humane to turn ours backs on the Afraican and not help them with a better life. After all, we did turn them into slave, reap their country of all their valuable, use them as servants, abuse them,enslave them and literally making them poor, and now blaming them for feeding on our economy. When our Great Britian was not so ‘great’, our British diplomatic went out discovering and robbing bountyful countries such as Africa, to please Our Royal Her Majesty.

    Is it not time for Britian, to realise that this may be a form of karma, that you robbing and put them in their third world stage has forced them to come here. That because of you their are here now trying to earn a living and support their family. Because of the pass, their countries are some of the poorest countries in the world, with GDP of what some people earn annually in the UK, the price of our homes in the UK is worth their country, and what some of our minister may claim from tax payers money for their social life. Then you make us tax payers feel upset the our money will be goin to ILLEgal immigrants, Law breakers… when our dear Jacqui Smith’s husband watched porn with my hard earn money and only gave and public apology.

    At least, as illegal as the Africans are our Great Britian had some part to play in their country’scurrent status and also with them being here in our country whether legal or illagal. Grant the amnesty, get enforced officers to secure the borders, ask the illegals to pay for their documents(that ways others think twice instead of think its a free lunch or a award for law breaking), ensure migrants got the need visa before entering and give them a chance. They are currently helping our economy one or other, instead of undercover our government robs us of 1.3million, I would prefer my tax help someone whose trying to help themselves and their family rather then, my promise MP who robs me, and earns more then me, them and their poor country.

    The 9billion to deport them could help our economy immensely, being that we just came out of an recession. The robded Afrians are illegal and criminals but our fine Prime Minister Blair, took us into to war, following our so called sister country America said, I don’t think it was illegal, I think of it as a decision and I made it with no regrets. It cost billions of pounds to fund this on going war, the cost of providing maintaining weapons and soliders, for a war I simple see unnecessary but Great Britain can turn and complain about the cost of on amnesty. I guess we waiting for sis America call it’s amnesty for it’s 12million illegals then we follow…since we follow on everything.

    The people who run our country look for themselves, claiming money for bogus reasons is no crime nor fraud, our government sending thousands of British youth to dead in the battle field for what they think is wrong, is no crime, its a so called “decision’, But being in someone else’s country creating an on going war is legal, so why we refuse refuge at Calais when they try to run away from the war we have created in their country. We are still old Great Britian just fighting down yet a other economy to save our own backs, fighting down yet a other to be “Great Britian”. I am a disgusted British citizen, seeing that we can be the same ole Britian… but I can deal with that but I simply can’t deal with the fact that we cry out to say how we are being rob and victimise when we did it for many years, and I am irritated that we complain about everyone else doing wrong to us when we are doing wrong to your selves, and we simply sweep it under the carpet.

  5. Before granting amnesty, the character of each illegal immigrant should be verified minutely and then they must be granted citizenship in the UK to make this country more powerful and strong by adding one million persons(illegals).China a dense populated country of 1.3 billion population and India a nation of 1.1 billion population, are the powerful and strong countries which are also economically progressing day-by-day having almost ‘Zero’ effects of Global Recession on these countries. A nation alone is never strong. It is their population which make it to grow strong. By granting an amnesty to one million immigrants,even to the illegals, naturally this country will become more strong and powerful. But no room for Criminals. They must be kicked out please.

  6. pradip kumar biswas

    though i stayed in uk 5 years stright way yet i refused to get stay permission.I went there with a work permit for 5 years.but my boss exployed me from day one to provide me legal pay slip and official papers,so i refused from home office.Yes i worked out side to live in uk because my boss doesnt pay me proper wages and it was very difficult to maintain my life there.Home office refused me,why i did work out side a part from my original location.But i could not make them to understand i had to work,otherwise no chance to pay house rent,bills etc.So my question my boss finished my life.and i was an out comer.I need yours justice

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