Morocco continues attacks on Western Sahara’s population

King Mohammed VI of Morocco

Morocco’s Human Rights record in occupied Western Sahara has always been poor. But since the peaceful protest by ten of thousands of Saharawis (Western Sahara’s indigenous population) near El Aaiun in Moroccan-occupied Western Sahara in October last year– the so-called Gdeim Izik protest camp that was the largest ever protest in the occupied territories – this record is becoming increasingly poor. On September 25 this year, Moroccan settlers and security forces again attacked peacefully protesting Saharawis, this time in Dakhla in occupied Western Sahara. Many were injured in these attacks, including women and children, and 28-year-old Saharwi activist Maichan Mohamed Lamin Lehbib was assassinated by Moroccan forces, according to the Saharawi liberation movement, Polisario. And last Monday, October 10, Moroccan forces brutally attacked peaceful protesters in El Aaiun in the occupied territories. According to the Polisario, approximately 30 Saharawis were injured and many others arrested.

In Gdeim Izik, as in the other demonstrations, the protesters were intent on showing their frustration with the lack of progress in the so-called Western Sahara conflict, the plundering of their resources by Morocco, and the arduous and discriminatory conditions they live under. They have endured 36 years of illegal colonisation, abuse and discrimination by Morocco, as well as nearly twenty years of waiting for a referendum on the status of Western Sahara that is demanded by international law and promised by UN. Moroccan forces clamped down heavily on the peaceful protest in Gdeim Izik, injuring many of the protesters, killing a 15-year-old Saharawi boy, Nayem Elgarhi, and imprisoning several of the participants. According to Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International, the Moroccan authorities allegedly torture many of the Saharawis whom they have detained, the most common methods, according to Amnesty International’s 2011 report being “beatings, electric shocks and threats of rape.” The detainees are also often forced to sign confessions and brought before military courts on more or less trumped up charges.

Abba Malainin, Polisario’s representative to Denmark, tells Africa Contact that he is “very worried that the Moroccan authorities maintains their torture against the protesters, that they will not be given a fair trial and that their health situation is deteriorating.” “There were twenty-three Saharawi human rights activists arrested after the crackdown against the protest camp, Gdeim Izik, last year. They are now in Sale prison near Rabat waiting to be presented to a military court,” Malainin says. “One of these, Cheikh Banga, has been doing a hunger strike since 15 September. His life is in danger. Another, Sidahmed Lemjiyed, President of the Saharawi Committee for Protection of Natural Resources, was detained on 25 December 2010 in El Aaiún. Since then, he has been imprisoned without being accused of a crime and without having been before a court. According to an international group that visited Morocco this week, his health is deteriorating.”

But as Morocco maintains a virtual media blackout in occupied Western Sahara and has banned NGO’s from operating there, independent information about the situation in occupied Western Sahara is hard to come by. “Morocco still banning the entrance to Western Sahara of the Media and Independent observers,” says Abba Malainin. “And Morocco has in the past few days banned an International human rights Delegation, the Spanish International Association for the Observation of Human Rights (AIODH), from visiting the imprisoned Saharawi human rights activists in Morocco. Also, Saharawis in occupied Western Sahara have no right to free expression or free association.”


By Peter Kenworthy, Africa Contact

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  1. jay

    what about the terrorist polisario who beheaded so many people in the city of laayoune!!!! and they were killing the innocent people of Libya when they were backing up Momar Ghaddafi???

  2. I like how objective this article is.. (sarcasm)
    I’m of sahrawi roots, Ait Baamrane tribes if you want me to be exact, and I have and will always claim being part of Morocco, and I don’t see any reason to divide each other when we can all live in peace.
    But it’s beneficial to many movement to keep troublesome there, especially for Polizario leaders whom families keep accumulating money while their “so-called-refugees” are starving

  3. People who live in the Western Sahara get free housing, food aids and stipends. The polisario is supported by Algeria and Libya. How many unarmed Moroccan policemen were killed 2 months ago? The incident was videotaped and is available on the web.

  4. To Peter Kenworthy
    Hi Peter, Have you been to Sahara in Morocco? Have you ever been in Morocco?
    What about Human right in Tindouf? And what about HR in Algeria, Nigeria….?
    It is so objective and bias your article. You have to know one thing : that the Sahara that you call Western Sahara and every Moroccan business, and I can assure you that even though many Moroccan are not happy with the social/ economic situation won’t abandon any part of their Sahara.
    Did you now that Mahamed Abdelaziz the leader of Polizarion was not born in Sahara? why don’t you tell the truth how ALgeria is doing whatever just to take revenge from Morocco?
    it is easy to undesrtand this issue, just review the history sir.
    Moroever, we Moroccan still need to have our Eastern Sahara back from Algeria and we won’t give up

    • Kim, it doesnt matter that Mahamed Abdelaziz was not born in Sahara. It is not for Morocco to decide the fate of the Western Sahara. The king of Morocco and General Bennani, General Aroub, General Binslimane, General Tamdi (who won the battle of Ouhoud in the Sahara), are all criminals of the highest order, and I say this because I witnessed it directly. You are not informed about your own country, yet you pass judgement on other people without reservation and without information. The Western Sahara is being raped for its resources, and the money is going to Prada, Dolce and Gabanna, Louis Vuitton, Yvess Saint Laurent and other people that have no connection to the Sahara except for the fact that they are accepting blood money to support Morocco’s fanatical obsession with the Sahara.


    Please be aware that the Moroccan government is a criminal mafia organization that not only kills innocent Sahara victims, but also innocent Moroccans in the Moroccan mainland. Morocco is also working directly with A.Q.I.M. to perpetuate ‘false flag’ attacks against its citizens.

    Please review the lawsuit filed in Florida regarding this matter, and please alert Polisario as to what is happening. The case can also be found on, case no. 11-cv-23492-PAS (Southern District Florida) if you prefer to access it through the courts directly.

  6. Moroccankingdom

    To Freedom for sahara, you said”Please be aware that the Moroccan government is a criminal mafia organization that not only kills innocent Sahara victims, but also innocent Moroccans in the Moroccan mainland” it is very easy to fabricate stories about the Moroccan Government. bring me your proofs that people in sahara are being killed. your polizario mafia attacked the Moroccan police and slaughtered them with knives like sheeps. we got everything on camera and world powers condemned your savage heinous crimes. your terrorist organization were behind the violence in the city la3yoon. sahraoui people have the same rights not like the sahrouis in Tindouf who suffers under algerian and Polizario mistreatment and lived in siege of more than 30 years. Tell me where Moroccan Government were killing Moroccan? again your hate against Morocco made you so hysterical making allegations about Moroccans getting killed like you really care ABOUT THE MOROCCAN PEOPLE WHICH IS NOT TRUE.
    yes your polizario is linked to A.Q.I.M they are trying hard to creat a terror network in Morocco, but Morocco have so far crashed all their plans. any way I don’t have time for you. Sahara is Moroccan and saharians are Moroccans.

    • To Morrocan Kingdom,

      I was a Moroccan until I discovered that Mo6 was committing crimes, upon which time I renounced my Moroccan citizenship. Obviously, you did not download the lawsuit and read it. You did not read the letter written by the American Ambassadors that the Moroccan government contracted in an attempt to kill me in Morocco. Those same Ambassadors are the ones helping the Moroccan government in DC to rape the Sahara and Moroccan people You just talk, but you have no knowledge. You say show me the proof, but when you see it, you say show me more. There will never be enough proof for ignorant people no matter what you show them. The first revelation from God to Prophet Mohamed (PBUH) was “ikra.” I suggest you Ikra first, and talk later.

    • Kim

      Hahahah you are too funny
      This is the new propaganda and new strategy of Algeria and Polizario: talking about the natural resources in Sahara and human right… with hopes that it is going to shake some people. Makes me smile when I think about Boutaflika when he said to Americans that Sahara can be the Kuwait of Africa , yet when he suggested to Baker to split Sahara
      First, you are traitor, you know why ? Because you gave up your Moroccan citizenship…
      Long story short story, we do like our mafia government when it comes to Sahara and willing to fight for that and you have the bo why don’t you fight Moroccans then and liberate the Sahara ……

  7. I see many Moroccan agents are entring here to repeat the same propaganda the “commander of the thieves” and his propaganda machine tells them on a daily basis. Moroccan occupation of the Western Sahara is getting more space in the knews thanks to the arab spring and the lies and propaganda of the Moroccan Makhzen are being unveiled.
    Morocco is a country that exports oranges, hashish and terrorists to Europe and the US…remember Marid attacks?

    • Dude,
      Agents do not need to come to this forum to make a comment such as your stupid one. Some Sahraouis like you are traitors, you know why? Because Morocco feeds you, educates you , and what Morocco get from you : none.
      Hey noodle head, open your eyes and mind very well: do you think that Moroccan will give up their Sahara?
      People like you are dreaming to have Sahara as an independent country, then they will be rich and have nice place to live since they believe that Sahara has a lot of Natural resources that being spoiled by Morocco, let me tell you one thing is that people who make a country rich not its natural resources. But people like you they will never make a country rich and nice place to live.. you know why? Because you have no skills and nothing in your mind…
      Keep dreaming to have Sahara independent

  8. A.Q.I.M. was born and bred in Algeria and has always been regarded by those with a little more insight as largely a political-tool in the hands of Algeria. According to the widely respected Jeremy Keenan (an expert on Algerian affairs) A.Q.I.M. still remains under the influence of the Algerian junta.

    Let’s also keep in mind that the Algerian secret services were widely claimed to be responsible for the massacres during the Algerian civil war as well as the Paris bombings – in both instances Algerian intelligence agents posed as ‘Islamists’ (this according to various investigative journalists as well as many Algerian whistleblowers formerly part of the regime). Claims of bribing European MPs, journalists and police were also made by former Algerian secret service agents.

    Regards to the Sahara: Algeria continues to hold the Sahrawis hostage in the camps of detention run by their puppet organisation, the Polisario Front, and they refuse to allow the international community the right to uphold their duties: the only ‘refugee’ camps without a UN presence. They also refuse to allow a census of the population within the detention camps and over-inflate the number of detainees in order to profit from the humanitarian aid which they sell on the black-market. Even amidst all the evidence, these claims are continually ignored and rejected by the likes of Mr Kenworthy; yet the underlining issue is never addressed: Why has’nt their been a census?

    Furthermore, claims of gross human rights abuses perpetrated by the Polisario (from extreme torture to executions; kidnapping to human trafficking) and their masters in Algiers (who have reportedly spent over $300 billion on the terrorist group and their cause) rarely receive any spotlight in the international media. To emphasis the point I could write a long list, but let’s just take the two recent and separate cases of Aminatou Haider and Mustapha Salma; whilst Ms Haider’s publicity stunt was covered by almost every major media outlet world-wide, Mustapha’s genuine plight received an almost total media blackout. How can any impartial observer explain the polar responses? What exactly is driving this phenomenally bias agenda? Yet, according to the pro-Polisario thinkers, it’s Morocco with the well organised propaganda machine because ordinary Moroccans like myself comment on these exceptionally insincere reports. Let’s also bear in mind that it’s not Morocco (a relatively underprivileged nation) who possess the large sums of both oil and gas.

    Altogether, Algeria has one of the worst human rights records in the world, yet here they are–along with their paid propagandists–masquerading as guardians of human dignity and integrity.

    What exactly is earning Algeria this impunity on the international scene? I believe the answer can be found in the declassified transcript of the meeting between Kissinger and Bouteflika.

    Your pathetic play on ignorance and argumentum ad hominem will take nothing away from the truth of our cause. The Sahrawis (translated: one of the Sahara) are ethnically of Berber/Arab/Negro stock. Put simply: They are fully “Maghribi” and the western part of the grand Sahara was under the Sultans authority prior to the colonial incursions. Unlike most of Africa and the middle-east, our Kingdom was not born on the back of colonialism and, in the truest sense of the word, justice demands our decolonization. To this day, both Algeria and Spain still occupy lands belonging to our Kingdom and this has thus translated into the prime motive for both establishing and sustaining this despicable and dishonest conflict.

  9. It’s funny that the only sources this article references is the Polisario itself haha. “Blabla bla… according to Polisario. This that there… according to the Polisario”. This is precisely the reason Morocco turned its back on the corrupt AU, that assembly of thieves and mongrels, ready to sell their integrity and reputation to the highest bidder – yes I’m speaking of you Mr. Kenworthy. Whatever happened to journalistic integrity and objectiveness? Where were the African countries in their righteousness when the Libyan people were getting slaughtered? Arranging a plane for their corrupt (but rich) leader of course! The one and only Gaddafi!

    You want facts and proof? I’ll give you some. Morocco invests in the order of billions of dollars each year in the “Western Sahara” – do the math people, that is FAR MORE than any revenue generated from these supposed “natural resources” that are being plundered. As was rightfully said above, a country’s strength is not its resources – but in its people ! Consider, Saudi Arabia with their immeasurable riches still cower in front of their neighbors, while Japan, a country with virtually NO resources, continuously rocked by catastrophe born of war and natural disaster, is one of the world’s TOP economies.

    To Sahrawis, our brother Moroccans, who are supporting independence, know this: you will NOT have democracy under Algeria’s boot. And make no mistake, under Algeria’s boot you will be, for all your so-called “leaders” within the Polisario are nothing but glorified lackey’s to Bouteflika.

    Even if there *is* immeasurable wealth in the form of Petroleum within the Western Sahara, with your 300,000 people you will be a failed state, cowering in the shadow of more powerful nations that will bully you left and right. Time to wake up people ! This isn’t 1960 where the fervor of independence swept the world in the wake of decolonization. This is 2011, where countries come together to form powerful political and economic blocks! Look at the EU, look at the U.S., are you noticing a pattern? UNITY IS STRENGTH.

  10. To the Moroccans.

    All the people who post on this forum in a pro-Moroccan manner, are not capable of commenting on this situation because they are not in the Moroccan or Algerian governments to know the truth. I would like General Tamdi of Morocco to post on this forum, since he is ‘unfortunatly’ my Uncle. I would like the Saudi’s (who issued a fatwa to Chihab Tamdi authorizing the murder of female military official in Morocco based upon a false allegation that she was performing witchcraft on him), to please post up on this forum and dispute. Instead, you have a bunch of little kids that really don’t have any idea whatsoever what is going on. I would like General Driss-Kamili, who is monkey Rachids, personal doctor, to post on this forum and explain to me why he and his brother accuse the monkey rachid of being a bi-sexual (while at the same time, homosexuality is a criminal offense in Morocco, when it should not be a criminal offense anywhere in the world due to the fact that I consider it a psychological disorder and not a criminal matter).

    The truth is that BOTH Algeria and Morocco are guilty parties in the raping and pillaging of the Sahara people’s homeland that was stolen in October of 1975.

    Furthermore, I am an American, and proud to be one. I was born in America, and only inherited my Moroccan citizenship from my father. I was proud to be a Moroccan until I actually went to Morocco, at which point I saw that the Moroccan people need alot of education to understand why their government is not viable, and I could not longer retain my Moroccan citizenship because I realized that the King of Morocco would have to be killed in order to liberate the Moroccan people (and unfortunately, this will soon be a reality for the King of Morocco, as this situation is no longer in my hands and the real mafia has informed me that this monkey king may not live through this situation, and I really have no choice but to defer to their so called ‘better’ judgement on this issue. Monkey Mo6, so called “king” of the monkeys that do backflips at Jamaa Fna, is claiming to be a ‘divine’ ruler. Because of this, Morocco is a nation-cult. The way that the monkey king keeps his power, is that he keeps the country illiterate because an educated Morocco that can finally understand that their monkey king is not a semi-diety, is a free Morocco, just like the Sahara will be freed of this nonsense. All the leaders in both Morocco and Algeria need to be removed from power. They are tyrants of the highest order.

    Inshallah, by the grace of Allah, lord of the worlds, neither Algeria or Morocco will claim the Western Sahara, and the Western Sahara people will finally have an opportunity to determine their own fate, free of manipulations by oustide influences. That is my wish for the oppressed people of the Sahara, and for all oppressed and occupied lands including Palestine.

  11. Furthermore, the situation with the Western Sahara applies to all of the Sahara. What I have noticed, is that all the Arab nations have ‘stolen’ the Sahara from the rest of Africa. I believe that the Sahara was a gift from allah for all of Africa, and the racist arabs have stolen the wealth of the Sahara from ‘black’ Africa due to racism and trickery. The racist Arabs of North Africa helped perpetuate the slave trade and helped cause immeasurable harm to black people for no reason. The reality is that the oil fields of Saudi Arabia and the entire Sahara, and all of its wealth, also belongs to sub-sahara africa, and they have also been deprived of this land. The additional reality is that if the Arabs dont get off their racist stupidity, sub-sahara africa will rise up against the Arabs and the infernal ‘gods’ of hannibal will conquer you and set the record straight. The Sahara belongs to ALL OF AFRICA, and not just a bunch of racist cult leaders in north africa. For the individual that asserted that Sahara is nothing more than a weak nation surrounded by stronger ones, i would propose that all of North Africa, is a weak nation that will soon be conquered by the real Africa. The Africa that will not tolerate any claim that ligher skin color dominates darker skin color. May the real Africans stand up to the tyranny of racist arabs, inshallah.

  12. Additionally, you can tell Algeria that the same thing that applies to Morocco, applies to Algeria. Boutefliaka and the Algerian government is also going to get hit hard. So if it makes the Moroccans feel better, at the same time their King is killed by the Mafia, so will the President of Algeria be killed as well, and any other racist cult leader in the Middle East that chooses to test the power of allah. I have no concern for the political debate since it was already completed by the UN and the occupation was deemed unlawful. The rest of it is not relevant to me. I will accept the word of the UN over the claims of both Algeria and Morocco, until such time when the UN is disbanded.

  13. Also, why don’t you ask Monkey Moulay Rachid to explain tht reason why Joe McPhillips was murdered in Morocco by being thrown down a flight of stairs so that it could appear as an ‘accident’

    Why don’t they tell the truth about what actually happened to Joe, and why he was killed. Certainly, I do not aprove of what Joe had done, but that was not a reason for him to be murdered

  14. This is directly addressed to the so called “FREEDOM FOR SAHARA”.

    I think at this point it’s quite clear from your weak writing, the absurd notions you put forward, and the funny fact that you were not even BORN in Morocco, that there is very little credibility to be had in your spammy responses and that you can NEVER grasp the reality of the situation.

    Your lack of historical understanding is appalling, and its truly laughable that you have the gall to think you can come tell those of us who actually have a deep understanding of the geopolitical situation that we’re all wrong, and that you are right haha. It’s pathetic at best, and morally repugnant at worst.

    Since you clearly need a lesson in history, let me give you a little background here. Our King, whom you so despise for no apparent reason, is of the Alaouite Dynasty. They have been in power for roughly 300 years, but the Moroccan monarchy is over 1000 years old. Some of the most prestigious dynasties to have ruled over the Moroccan Empire, and who expanded its borders north into Spain and south to Timbuktu, originated from the so-called Western Sahara. In essence, the Western Sahara has ALWAYS been an integral part of the entity today known as Morocco. Beyond that, this whole struggle for independence is ENTIRELY artificial, engineered towards the end of decolonization by such European powers as Spain to deliberately keep the region weak and assert its own hegemonic influence – why else do you think Spain supported Polisario? Because it’s a “moral” and “democratic” nation?

    Hardly. They have at least two regions (Catalonia and Basque) within their own country that want independence which Spain is not willing to grant, not to mention they control two cities within Morocco itself. Prior to colonization, there was NEVER any debate as to the identity of the Sahara as being distinct from that of Morocco. For your information, Morocco has always been considered a threat by Spain, from 711 until 1492 (~800 years) Spain was under Muslim (read Moroccan) control. So when they saw a chance to weaken Morocco, and remain the dominant country in the region and in control of the straight of Gibraltar, they seized it like a hungry dog. And people like yourself, serve only as pawns in a political game that spans centuries.

    Finally, since you’ve given up your Moroccan citizenship in favor of your comfy American existence, you’ve essentially washed your hands of a conflict over 3000 miles away. For you to suddenly go on the internet and advocate Sahrawi independence from the comfort of your couch when you have NEVER lived in the region, clearly have NO understanding of the history of the conflict, and your only knowledge comes from what your daddy told you… well, that’s just the highest level of moral irresponsibility, not to mention stupidity.

    I suggest you focus on the country you were born in and maybe understand, instead of meddling in an issue that is so far above your head, and without a doubt beyond the scope of your lame mind.

    Oh and:


    Those are more than words lost in the wind, don’t YOU ever forget it.

  15. Nightrise.

    I am not concerned with the ‘historical’ aspects of what you are claiming. I only go by what I see and the fact that the UN is the only body that is authorized to examine your ‘historical’ claimes, which they did, and they determined that your ‘historical’ claims are not valid and the occupation is unlawful. It is tantamount to a court ruling by the supreme court of Planet earth. Sometimes people are unhappy with a court ruling, but the answer is not to launch military campaigns and vigilante justice. If Morocco is disputing the court ruling by the UN, then just file an appeal.

    What I see in Morocco is that if the monkey king and his cult followers ever had a claim to that land, they blew it by engaging that claim in a criminal manner.

    Allah giveth, Allah taketh away. If you are muslim, can we at least agree that Allah will be the final arbiter of this dispute? Or are you claiming that the MOnkey King is Allah manifest in the flesh. The king kills people, he incarcerated my family in Morocco as a form of blackmail against me because I defied his directive and sued his attack dogs in America. The reality is that you can ask the people in Morocco that know me, who is saying the truth. Go to the school in Morocco where i worked for years and ask them why I am writing these things, and they will all tell you the same. Everyone in Morocco hates the king. This is a fact. In public, they keep their dialogue voluntariy censored out of fear. On the alternative, poor moroccans say nice things about the king for money, but behind the scenes every single moroccan is ready for the king to be in exile. Even his military is plotting against him as we speak.

    I am not the judge. I cleaned my hands of Morocco, but if the king attempts to prevent my cousin (whom he incarcerated and tortured) from leaving Morocco, he will be killed. Plain and simple.

  16. And another thing nightrise. I don’t pretend to be a great ‘writer’ like yourself. Obviously, your writing skills far surpass mine. If I am so stupid, why does your monkey king keep offering me money to shut up? Why is the monkey king buying my materials for his government from my suppliers in New York. Why is the monkey kings family in Marrakesh on my side instead of his. The reality is that your monkey king stole the throne from the real king of morocco, mr moulay zine el alaoui. That was the individual that was actually supposed to be the king of morocco, but because of a family conflict within the kings own family, he stole the kingship from moulay zine and then attacked moulay zines family and stole their land a punished them for speaking out against what he did. Hows that for a history lesson. Did you learn something today? How about this, why don’t you research it yourself? This is a known fact in all of morocco that the person claiming to be the king, had stole the title from the real king, Moulay Zine.

    I do have reasons

  17. Not bad for someone 3000 miles away, huh? Why is it that the truth is 3000 miles away, while Moroccan’s are dizzy and have absolutey no idea what actually happend. Take a look at it, the lineage of the king in Morocco is not accurate. The conflict in the kings own family goes back to Mohamed V and his brother, where the true lineage of the king of morocco was splintered and stolen by this imposter that is in power at the moment. I don’t recognize Monkey Mo6 as the king of Morocco, since I only recognize Moulay Zine El Alaoui as being the real king, except that his throne was stolen from him by this imposter.

  18. To the madman Freedom for Sahara,

    Please, explain this verdict from the then vice-president of the ICJ, Judge Ammoun:

    “Thus from the point of view of Morocco, the Spanish argument is contradicted by a body of evidence based on diplomatic instruments, ethnic considerations, common customs, one and the same social and cultural life, a single language, common religion and religious practices, struggles carried out side by side, submission to the authority of Moroccan Sultans, and finally and above al1 the common aspirations which have ultimately constituted the ties which as a matter of law link together the elements of one and the same nation.”

    Also explain this:

    As one who pretends to hold the religion of Islam in some esteem, let me remind you that Hassan II renewed the act of allegiance through Khatri Ould Sidi Said Joummani and prominent religious figures as well as tribal elders from the Sahara. The Polisario Front on the other hand were motivated by socialism and orchestrated by Algeria and the communist bloc as soon as the Sharifian Kingdom’s push to free its Sahara from the Spanish occupation began to make significant progress.

    You along with Mr Kenworthy are nothing more than rotten propagandists. Every claim in the above article can be contested with an abundant degree of evidence. For one: The Gdeim Izik protest camp was set up solely for socioeconomic factors (they even bore placards proclaiming that the protest was not political). Perhaps more significantly, the protest camp was coincidently set up in the build up to UN talks regarding the Sahara (just as Aminatou Haider’s publicity stunt did the year before) and the Polisario Front had hoped to use thes protest to give them leverage (they, and their propagandists in the media, had been claiming that the protest was against “the occupation”). Unfortunately for them, the demands made by the organisers of the protest were met before talks at the UN began and the organisers called for an end to the camp. Faced with this political defeat, the agents of the Polisario Front prevented people from leaving and amidst these reports, police armed solely with batons entered the camp. This video details what happened next:

    (Contrast the light-handed approach taken by the Moroccan police and contrast them with the heavy-handed policing in so-called “democratic” societies; I’m sure you’ve all seen the anarchy in Greece as well as the Dale Farm evections in England today. I’m also sure you’ve seen the heavy-handed response to the Occupy Wall Street protest and copycat occupations world-wide. Yet, how many NGOs have so much as said two words about all this police brutality?)

    For the record, there was hardly any international condemnation of the savage butchery of these young officers in the Moroccan city of Laayoune – who were beheaded, stoned and urinated on by the Polisario Front terrorists; this again begs the question, who exactly is influencing these NGOs and why are they so utterly bias? To reiterate: I believe the answer can be found in the declassified transcript of the meeting between Kissinger and Bouteflika.

  19. You must understand something about human nature Aadaam.

    You cannot force the sahrawi people to like monkey mo6, anymore than you could force the moroccan people to like monkey mo6. When I say freedom for Sahara, that includes Morocco. If there was a leader in Morocc that is not a monkey, then perhaps the Sahrawi people would voluntarily vote to be a part of Morocco. I think it is moreso because there is a monkey on the throne in Morocco, that they take issue with being under occupation. The reality is that the entire country of Morocco proper, is also under occupation by this army of the 12 monkeys. The Moroccan people also want their independance from the monkey politics of the monkey king. This is the year 2011. Anyone claiming to be god manifest in the flesh, should be in a mental hospital. I think in Morocco, you call it Hospital #36, or Hospital Berchid. That is where your monkey leader belongs, so that both the Moroccan and Saharan people can be free. I’m sure there is a Hospital #36 in Algeria as well, and that Bouteflika should be in it. The point is that UNITY cannot be forced. That is the very nature of UNITY. It is voluntary and not accomplished through bullets and bombs. I don’t condone any violence, including violence by polisario against moroccans, but the reality is that you claim Morocco is an ancient civilization, but at the same time they are acting the same, if not worse than the polisario, which just came to being in the past few decades. It is Morocco that should have taken the high road in the conflict, and Morocco should have persuaded the sahrawis to merge their country with theirs through negotiations and dialoge, and not through attempting to force them into a ‘cult of alligience’ that forces its citizens to swear allegience to a man-god in the form of a monkey king.

  20. Do you feel better when I post up as FREEDOM FOR MOROCCO?

    I don’t like fake monkey kings. I swear my allegience to the real King of Morocco, Moulay Zine El-Alaoui. All hail the real king of morocco, who is being oppressed by the army of the 12 monkeys

  21. I wasn’t going to respond after I finished reading the delusional rantings of “Freedom of Sahara” – this individual is clearly disturbed, and lives within a fantasy world from which he derives a fictional self-importance.

    I’d like to thank you Aadam for a clear and detailed account of the reality of the situation with appropriate sources referenced, something the author of this article was unable to do. I won’t argue any longer as the evidence is out there, clearly available for all to see. There is a reason most reasonable countries support Morocco in this, I’ll just leave you with this short accounting of North Africa’s territorial history.

    Oh and one last thing to Freedom of Sahara. You are American now, and one of the most revered presidents in U.S. history is Abraham Lincoln. Do you know what he did? Half the country tried to secede, some may say even legitimately so, and he engaged in a blood war to bring them back into the Union. For that he was praised for centuries. Does that sound familiar? And somehow I doubt he would have asked the U.N. and obeyed their directives.

  22. You must understand something about the Sahara situation. You cannot force the sahrawi to like the monkey king, anymore than you could force Moroccans to like the monkey king. When I say FREEDOM FOR SAHARA, I also mean FREEDOM FOR MOROCCO and FREEDOM FOR ALGERIA. It is the people that are tired of this stuff, and they all agree with me, even in Morocco and Algeria. Any violence is forbidden, including violence by Polisario against Morocco. But there is a difference between Polisario and Morocco. Even by your own admission, Morocco is an ancient civilization. Polisario, on the other hand, only came into existance within the past few decades. It seems to me that if anyone should take the high road and be civilized, it should certainly be Morocco. i don’t understand why the Moroccan government simply did not try to negotiate with the sahrawi’s to try to voluntarily merge the two countries. You cannot force UNITY using bullets and bombs, only negotiation. Morocco failed by trying to PHYSICALLY force them to merge the country without first trying to get them to willingly merge. Once Morocco sought to gain the land using military strength, they lost it at that very moment, and with every year they made the situation worse. Like I said, it is up to Allah to decide who gets that land, so always say inshallah.

    And additionally, I care deeply for Moroccans, and I wish Morocco to be liberated from this monkey king. Like I said, the real king of Morocco is Moulay Zine El Alaoui. All hail Moulay Zine’s ascension to the throne on this beautiful day. Your monkey king needs to check into Hospital 36, or Hospital Berchid to get a checkup from the neckup. I’m sure there is a Hospital 36 in Algeria for Bouteflika, and a hospital 36 for the polisario crazies as well. After all these monkeys finally get put in a hospital, only then can the Maghreb finally UNITE.

  23. Violence is a failure of intelligence. That is my life philosophy, so perhaps America will excuse me when I say that the manner by which Lincoln proceed was not practical, as even today, racism is still alive in America so while the boundaries of America is still in place, the boundaries of the people have not changed much since his time. Only now are americans beginning to take the issue of racism seriously. I prefer leaders like Martin Luther King to Abraham Lincoln. Just my personal preference.

  24. In any case, the most painful reality for the Monkey king is that he is weak. He will always be a monkey to me. All hail King Moulay Zine El Alaoui, the true King of Morocco. All hail the Kings of the Rif Mountains, who are waiting to descend upon Rabat like the Mongrel Hoard he always feared.

  25. In addition to Joe McPhillips, can you ask your monkey king’s security services why they murdered that teacher fromt he George Washington academy under the guise of a ‘car accident,’ just because he was caught molesting a kid. In my opinion, he should have certainly been put in jail, but they killed him instead by faking a car accident. Can you comment on that one?

    FREEDOM FOR MOROCCO and all people oppressed by the army of the 12 monkeys and their monkey-god.

  26. Can you also explain why they expel christian missionaries from Morocco? What are you so afraid of? If the Moroccan people were confident in the form of Islam being presented to them by their monkey king, not one person would convert from Islam to Christianity no matter how much preaching is done. The Moroccan people have lost faith in their monkey king, and what is left is the Dirhams that pay for the posts of all those that are Pro-king. You might as well be Pro-Hitler and Pro-Nazi if your going to swear your allegiance to a monkey king that is a kaffir and a satan worshipping coward.

  27. Aadam

    To a large extent I agree, unity cannot be forced and this is why the Sultans of Morocco were held in power by the Islamic act of allegiance. Hassan II even went out of his way to ensure that this act of allegiance was RENEWED before initiating the Green March. Nevertheless, more important than unity is truth. So for the record, before the Communist bloc gave birth to this conflict, the main branch of Sahrawis under the supervision of their tribal elders and religious scholars pledged their allegiance at the time and had been doing so for centuries.

    You also falsely keep pressing the distinction between “Moroccans” and “Sahrawis”, which again only highlights your ignorance. At the very fundamental core, we as a people have the right to be united – which is why our late King put together the Maghreb Union; unfortunately propagandists like you have worked tirelessly to indoctrinate the masses into believing we are different; but we will certainly not allow a conflict built on lies, manipulation, greed and discord to succeed without putting up a fight. Truth will eventually prevail and both Islamic law and an impartial view of justice are on our side.

    To set the record straight: being recognised as Sahrawi (translated: one of the Sahara) isn’t a national or even an ethnical distinction, it’s an internal distinction between us “Moroccans”, or rather as we refer to ourselves, Magharba (sing: Maghribi). The same way England has Geordies, Liverpudlians and so forth; the same way every nation has tribal, ritual and regional differences. In Morocco we also have a group of people referred to as “Jabali” (translated: one of the Mountains), simply because they live in the Mountains! The Sahara encompasses most of Algeria and stretches across the entire African peninsula into Egypt; so what exactly is your definition of “Sahrawi”? The Reguibat are the largest “Sahrawi” tribe and, this might come as news to you, their origins are from northern Morocco! Moreover, tell us, how do we refer to the people inhabiting Tan-Tan and Sidi Ifni…?

    If you read the book “Resistance in the Desert: Moroccan Responses to French Imperialism” you might also observe the fact that the Sahrawis of the Bechar province also made their desire to remain Moroccan clear to all parties before falling to French subjugation who then illegally annexed the regions, attaching them to French-Algeria (which was not merely a colony but a “legal” extension of France). (Legal in the sense that the Western world can do whatever it pleases and manipulate international ‘law’ in whichever way it pleases.) If you read the book “Morocco under King Hassan” you might also observe the demands of the residents of the Tindouf to reunite with their Kingdom. If you so much as care to look, the most active campaigners for Morocco’s cause are unionist Sahrawis (who are coincidently overlooked by the likes of Mr Kenworthy). If you so much as care to look, you might also observe a large number of former Polisario founders and officials who have left the movement over the years and returned to their motherland (bringing with claims of gross human rights abuses as well as claims of Algerian authority over the Polisario). If you so much as care to look you might also find that there are groups emanating from the occupied regions of Tindouf and Bechar campaigning for the right to return to Morocco – unfortunately, what with Algeria’s global petrodollar influence, you won’t find many NGOs taking up their cause. Likewise, you won’t find many NGOs promoting the Kabylie fight for independence from Algeria.

    Almost all of your arguments have been completely irrelevant to the topic at hand and you’re clearly a spoiler just here to bring ridicule to our defence. As Nightrise rightly observed you also appear to have some serious mental issues, but my response is directed to the wider audience perchance they might actually take your propaganda and stupidity seriously. wouldn’t happen to be Mr Aliouin by any chance?

    • “Almost all of your arguments have been completely irrelevant to the topic at hand”

      I am accusing certain people directly of involvement with crimes. They are free to respond and deny the allegations at any time. While they believe that delaying my lawsuit in America will prevent their demise, I will soon release to the media a cache of documents, recordings, confidential communications of the United States Embassy in Rabat, the British Consulate in Marrakesh, various Palaces and dignitaries. You can call this the Moroccan Wikileak about to be released to the masses. I have evidence and information regarding murders in Morocco. My people in the Moroccan security services helped us to make possible the escape of certain soldiers of Allah from the Kenitra Prison. We have all the prisons infiltrated. Soon we will be releasing prisoners from the prisons. There are assasins already in place. Various brigades of the military have been infiltrated. The northern sectors of Morocco are preparing to ally with the Southern army of the Mahdi against the Muktada-El-Sader Brigade in Rabat, of which the King is their supreme commander. I have a special microchip implanted in the Monkey Queen’s head, and when she sleeps in the bed with her Monkey King, I have a special remote to activate her microchip and comand her to slit the throat of this monkey. When she learns the truth, she will do it in an instant to prevent the army of the 12 monkeys, in conjunction with their primary brigade of the Muktada Al-Sadr. I have every Bureau of the Military, i have cache of advanced weaponry stolen from my uncle. I have all the generals wife’s heads implanted with microchips. From here, just one button I push and Morocco is liberated. So stop mocking me, or I will drop a nuclear monkey bomb on your media monkey compound and take out your Ayatollah Idol show that you broadcast in the caves from which you operate.

  28. ME

    Go revise history of Morocco .A country with 12 centuries of history&VICTORIES.AL MAGHREB KABIR flexed its muscles from Tangiers in the north to Senegal river in the south to bordering Libya in the east.The dynasties that ruled Morocco over the centuries made sure that history will never denied them their historical land.
    Algeria was created by the French so is Tunisia and MURITANIA belonged to Morocco was taken by the French,MOROCCO CREATED ITSELF! where was western sahara then??? where was the polisario! it never existed then!!!????? WHY SHALL IT EXIST NOW???????and it never will.
    The Greater MOROCCO sadlly was becoming a French,SPANISH protectorate so they divided Morocco as they liked &Morocco is still suffering from these aftermaths to this day.
    Spain as we all know colonized the north of the country and southern provinces(Sidi ifni&Sahara)
    The French took the middle of the country(Morocco)&Mauritania in the further south.

    Morocco by 1956 got half of the country back but lost eastern Sahara to Algeria,by1975 &1979 we got the W. Sahara back but lost Mauritania FOREVER.
    We will never give up the MOROCCAN Sahara if it comes to war ,we are ready, and let it be !what can300 thousnads do against 30 million ;we will defeat you surely.AND HISTORY WILL BE once again ON OUR SIDE.

  29. Pingback: Underreported Struggles #55, October 2011

  30. badr eddine

    first i got answer for the dame asses ho’s calling the moroccain king a monkey ,all of ya monkeys whit no life what why ya only talk shit ya got no respect for ya self,that 1 and if rarely went to talk about sahara evrybody know i’ s moroccain as Mauritania as1\2 of Algeria and Senegal ,and come now and talk about spain what it said because we run that country for 800 years ask them if they remember hhhh


    The Moroccan King is a Monkey. He has always been a monkey. He will always be a Monkey. And all those who follow him are Monkeys. Anyone stupid enough to believe that there are any real kings in the Middle East are monkeys. The Saudi King is a Monkey. All those that follow him are monkeys. I think you get the point. Islam forbids anyone from swearing allegience to a King that is not directly sanctioned by him. The only king of allah that is still alive, is prophet Isa. Since the King of Morocco is essentially claiming to be prophet Isa, then he is blaspheming the religion of allah, which is Islam. For that I call him a monkey. He rules the people by spooking them into thinking he has ‘divine authority’ to rule the great al-maghreb. He has no such grand authority. He is a monkey ruling a bananna republic of monkey worshippers. Islam forbids a muslim to swear allegience to anyone on this earth claiming that he is a king. Muslims are obliged to wait until the return of Prophet Isa (Jesus), before they swear their allegience to him as King of planet Earth. Until the muslims remove all the monkey kings from power, this will never happen. So keep praying to your monkey if you do not believe in allah and the last of his great religions, al Islam. All monkeys in the middle east will be removed from power by the hand of allah and the return of Prophet Isa to this world. At that time, all Jews, Christians and Muslims will become one, united in religion and in purpose. As long as monkeys are still around calling themselves kings, we will not see such a day. Down with the monkeys.

  32. King Ahmad

    I’ve read these posts with interest. We finally got rid of our Kings and maharajah equivilents in India and have prospered. We still have a long way to go. However, just because a country has been ruled by a dynasty for 1oo’s of years doesn’t make it right. You have made your King into a GOD. He even used to call himself as “sacred”. He has written Gods name”Allah” and underneath his name on a mountain. Where is our prophets name, has he replaced him 🙂 A King that was voted one of the richest kings in the world with a reported $2 billion. From where did he get this money? Anyway, I believe that Kings and Queens belong in one place, and that is with the Joker in a pack of cards.

  33. King Ahmad

    In the UK, we have an issue with Scotland wanting independance. YES, we have a Monarchy and some don’t agree with it here. However, we can as a nation vote whether to keep her. If Scotland becomes Independant, it will not have a Queen or be part of the UK. HOWEVER, that is the choice of the people. WHy can’t they have the same in Western Sahara? The UK benefitted from Scotish oil and gas. You are benefitting from the Sahara Mineral Resources. You are not there to help the people. I suggest you all wake up. Why are you moroccans so ignorant and stupid. Don’t look at the Kings of today, look at the Kings of Yesterday. They are just normal people, like me and you. Why were some muslim parties banned before these uprisings only now to be allowed a platform.

  34. King Ahmad

    Aadam, Please don’t show your ignorance. “… The same way England has Geordies, Liverpudlians and so forth; the same way every nation has tribal, ritual and regional differences”. I was born here, they don’t have tribal differences at all. It’s the same language with a dialect and that’s all. However, we have Scotland and Wales that are in the UK. The regions you talk of are in England and they cannot and would ask for independance. However, Scotland now has it’s own assembly as does Wales. It also has it’s own currency. And it an ask for indepedance and remove the Monarchy. Unfortuantley, I agree with Freedom for Monkeys. You have made him into a GOD. On a mountain im Morocco, I was shocked to see the name “Allah”, them “Morocco” and then your “kings name”. Where is our prohets name.

  35. King Ahmad

    If you are so sure that the Sahrawis don’t want independance, then give them the right to vote. Why are you scared if they will back your KING. The reason you don’t want to do that is because you will wait until you move more Moroccans to the Sahara, paying them to live there and when there are enough so that they can sway the vote, you will implement it. It’s a common tactic. Already, the migration of Moroccans has increased and now there are more than some locals in some cities. They are given free housing and a subsidy to live there. This is what Israel is doing in the West bank with setllers. Shame on you all. Don’t worry, your place in Hell has been reserved for blashemy.

  36. All Hail the Monkey King

    Moroccans wake up. The rest of the Middle East is waking up to the truth behind Islam. The entire world is waking up to the truth behind Islam. A muslim peasant in the poorest slum in Morocco has more worth in the eyes of god than the monkey king of Morocco. Your iman is what dictates your worth. The iman of all fake monkey Kings in the middle east are non-existant. They flaugnt their so-called ‘royal’ lineage and use this scam to proclaim themselves the final arbitors of all things Islamic on planet earth. They claim imunity from the precepts of Islam because they believe themselves to be without sin from birth, and incapable of sin due to gods ‘baraka’ upon their divine DNA. They are trash of the highest religious order, as they keep their population subjugated for their own personal gratification. Islam is being held hostage by all these king-cults in the middle east, but the deadline that will signal the end to their tyranny is near. A human on this earth becomes a king the moment they accept islam into their heart. There is no distinction between muslims in the eyes of god, their is only the distiction between their actions. There is no special status conferred upon those who are of certain lineage. There is only a special responsibility to uphold the precepts of Islam, which is an obligation of all muslims whether they be poor or wealthy. This is the obligation of a true muslims, which is to ensure fairness and equality for all humans, regardless of race, religion, gender, wealth (or lack thereof) or any other divisive illusion upon which the sheytan imposes his will via his evil army of the 12 monkeys. Do you blame the Western Saharans from seeking to gain their freedom from the perverted cult of sheytan whose kings are all the monkey kings in the middle east?

    Egypt, Tunisia, Libya have thrown off the shackels of their fake kings. There are plenty more fake kings left. Inshallah god will remove them peacefully, as violence is never the answer. I have faith that the Moroccan people are smart enough to understand that they have been swindled by a high tech fraud who is nothing more than a monkey that has convinced them that he is a god when he is simply just another monkey like the ones you will find in any souk from Marrakesh to Tangier. Moroccans, wake up. If you love your monkey king and you believe him to be the best thing for Morocco’s future, it is because you don’t understand that if you challange him, he will kill you. He is not a real king, so don’t just allow him to elect himself king of morocco by saying that god elected him to be king and it is non-negotiable. If you accept that, and you go against him after you accept that, then according to him, you go against god and the monkey king will eventually kill you, or your children, with his monkey army of sheytan worshippers. God did not vote for him, and he does not care about Moroccans anymore than he cares about his real boss, Sir Elton John, who sends that monkey his marching orders every day. God gave him and his dynasty confort on this earth for a prescribed time, and that time has already come to an end many decades ago when Sir Elton John became the boss of this monkey that is currently claiming to be the divine king of morocco. These monkeys have overstayed their welcome. Democracy has no kings. Get with the program.

  37. King Ahmad

    Nightrise: I think YOU need to wake up. You’re obviously misinformed or simply ignorant. You gave some stupid examples, like the EU. The EU is a co-operation between countries, their sovereignity as independant nations is not taken away nor under threat. Just beause a country has a small population does not mean that it will stay that way or can not prosper. You think because of this YOU have the right to occupy and deny people their choice. Equatorial Guinea has a very small population and you have now started direct flights from casablanca to Malabo, as have many other countries. So, why has that country NOT failed. Don’t siight a small population as an excuse to occupation.

  38. King Ahmad

    And to all those that blame the Polisario Front as an organisation that has no backing from the Sahwaris.
    We had the same kind of issue with Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland is a part of the UK of which Southern Ireland is an independent country. This part of Northern Ireland also has a minority of Catholics, who have their brothers and sisters in Southern Ireland, that is the Irish Republic.
    The IRA, which was fighting for the rights of Catholics, was listed as a terrorist organisation. However, they had a lot of support from the US and the many Irish that live there. We had for decade’s bomb attacks on the UK mainland. However, they thrived because they had the support of the people. These very terrorists are now elected to run Northern Ireland as elected MP’s. In the UK, we were banned from listening to their voices when they spoke, so they had to have voiceovers.

    The Irish Republic was always sympathetic to the IRA but it had to show that it was not. It had its grass roots there.
    Whether the UK liked it or not, they had to include the IRA in any negations. Even though they killed so many innocent people, they were given a political platform. The reason is because they had support from the minority within Northern Ireland.
    You will soon have to recognise the Polisario Front also have support and just because they may live in Algeria, it does not mean that they don’t have a legitimate right to be in the Sahara. Just like the people Ireland elected the IRA, you will see that the Sahwaris will also elect the Polisario Front of they had a choice.

    And does the UK have the right to a part of Ireland? NO. But, the people of Northern Ireland were given the opportunity to join Southern Ireland and they chose not to do so. So, why can’t you give the Sahwaris the same choice?

  39. King Ahmad

    Now Let’s look at Spain and Gibralter. A big bone of contention between the 2 countries. To any observer, it’s obvious that Gibralter belongs Spain. No one disagrees, even the UK now agrees. HOWEVER, it can not be handed back to Spain without consultation with the Gibralteans. They overwhelmingly voted and decided to stay with the UK. The UK has no choice now but to keep Gibralter as a part of the UK.

    So, give the Sahwaris the chance to vote. Don’t hide behind the Polisario as an excuse. maybe they do not want your so called KING ruling them as if he is their God. They don’t want to have his photo all over the streets. Maybe they just want God’s name, not his name.

  40. King Ahmad

    to Nightrise:
    Why have you used such a stupid and pathetic example. Do you know anything about the American Civil War. Why are you Moroccans so insenced on bending the truth to make yourselves look righteous. The war was over Slavery. Do you think they were wrong not to do what they did? wake up..BOY

    The American Civil War (1861–1865), also referred to as the War Between the States or simply the Civil War, was a civil war fought in the United States of America. In response to the election of Abraham Lincoln as President of the United States, 11 southern slave states declared their secession from the United States and formed the Confederate States of America (“the Confederacy”); the other 25 states supported the federal government (“the Union”). After four years of warfare, mostly within the Southern states, the Confederacy surrendered and slavery was outlawed everywhere in the nation. Issues that led to war were partially resolved in the Reconstruction Era that followed, though others remained unresolved.
    In the presidential election of 1860, the Republican Party, led by Abraham Lincoln, had campaigned against expanding slavery beyond the states in which it already existed. The Republicans strongly advocated nationalism, and in their 1860 platform they denounced threats of disunion as avowals of treason. After a Republican victory, but before the new administration took office on March 4, 1861, seven cotton states declared their secession and joined to form the Confederate States of America. Both the outgoing administration of President James Buchanan and the incoming administration rejected the legality of secession, considering it rebellion. The other eight slave states rejected calls for secession at this point. No country in the world recognized the Confederacy.



    I would like General Tamdi of Morocco to post on this forum and I would like the Saudi’s (who issued a fatwa to Chihab Tamdi authorizing the murder of female military official in Morocco based upon a false allegation that she was performing witchcraft on him), to please post up on this forum and dispute.

  42. Fadel chaker

    Algeria was created by the French so is Tunisia and MURITANIA belonged to Morocco was taken by the French,MOROCCO CREATED ITSELF! where was western sahara then??? where was the polisario! it never existed then!!!????? WHY SHALL IT EXIST NOW???????and it never will.
    The Greater MOROCCO sadlly was becoming a French,SPANISH protectorate so they divided Morocco as they liked &Morocco is still suffering from these aftermaths to this day.
    Spain as we all know colonized the north of the country and southern provinces(Sidi ifni&Sahara)
    The French took the middle of the country(Morocco)&Mauritania in the further south.

  43. King Ahmad

    How far do you want to go back in time. That’s what they said about Israel, that the Jews were expelled, so should they be given the land of Palestine now ? Do the Aborigines in Australia want all of Australia back? Do the Indians of America want the USA back? India was ruled by the British and Portugese. It was then divided into West and East Pakistan and India. Then East Pakistan wanted indepedance from West Pakistan. There were atrocities commited because of this by West Pakistan, to which they have now appologised for (what you are doing in the Sahara!). East Pakistan became Bangladesh, an INDEPEDENT COUNTRY. In Yugoslavia, should Bosnia not have been created? Should Croatia not have been created? Just because the Polisario were not created shows that it’s time that they were.

    Time to wake up to the real world.

  44. You know what is funny? When you read back your posts after two years, while in the meanwhile you have changed your opinion or improved your relationship with certain individuals. What a bummer!

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