African ‘mercenaries’ are executed in cold-blood by rebels in Libya

An African under attack by Libyan rebels

The fighting in Libya is taking a new twist as rebels engage in despicable atrocities with reports of summary executions as they hunt for ‘mercenaries’ who they alleged aided and supported Gaddafi’s forces. The ‘mercenaries’, mostly from sub-saharan Africa, were said to be violently massacred in revenge for their role in the ongoing conflict. It seems the TRC has been unable to prevent such acts of heinous crimes despite appeals from the UN and the international community to the rebels not to carry out revenge killings. At this point, the TRC seems more anxious to take power in Libya than ensuring that civilians are protected as they wage war on Gaddafi’s forces. It must be said that before these reports of summary executions came to light, the TRC had been instrumental in coordinating a well organised offensive by the rebels, but things seems to have got out of control when the excitement of securing Tripoli and driving out soldiers loyal to the regime turned to celebrations that may have invoked vengeance.

It paints a nasty picture of what most analysts had predicted would be the outcome of the conflict. It is clear that NATO did not make provisions for post-conflict eventualities that has seen the lack of medical supplies, food and medicines for victims of what some African Union heads of states have described as unnecessary war. NATO’s determined agenda to get rid of Gaddafi somewhat blurred the vital vision of what would transpire as a result of the aftermath of the brutal atrocities that has seen thousands lose their lives and more people maimed and wounded. The quest to hunt Gaddafi seems so important to the West, that everything else was not much of a priority.

The damage to Libya’s infrastructure using bombs and missiles was paid for by taxpayers in NATO countries, especially France, UK, and the United States. And it seems these taxpayers are going to foot most of the bill when it comes to rebuilding Libya. One wonders why the present financial situation in most of these country’s didn’t provoke common sense among their leaders as to what was the real priority. But it seems getting into conflict has been the in-thing for western leaders who are keen on leaving their mark and ensuring their political legacy, despite the unpleasant consequences that sometimes follow most of their erratic actions.

The real and true victims are the Libyan people who may have no clue as to what the West’s true agenda is all about. Gaddafi had become vulnerable in the face of mounting criticism from his own people, and it was a delight to the West that a war which was inconceivable for them to prosecute without justification, was eventually taken-on by rebels whose understanding of the economic and political consequences was non-existent. It is indeed difficult to convince anyone that the  true reason for the West’s intervention in Libya was purely moral, without any vested interests – as in the past, there have been more serious cases of human rights abuses and atrocities committed by dictators in places like Zimbabwe and Equatorial Guinea, with little or no attention paid and no action taken. This double standard has become the trademark of the West as they push their rather awkward foreign polices down the throats of vulnerable people who yearn for change and democracy.



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  2. Nasdaq7 ( South Africa )

    “The West” is spending a lot of money on peacekeeping missions across the world, from Yugoslavia that has no oil to peacekeeping in Libya which has been attacked by the US once before due to its sponsorship of terrorism. You know the killing of women and children. If there were less crazy dictatorships and terrorist leaders then there would be less wars.

    And the West donates tons of AID to Africa – it has done so for many many decades. It transfers technology and skills and despite what YOU think, it cares about ALL people of the human race. The West are much more developed than you give them credit for.

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