A case of cold-blooded murder – Julius Maada Bio and his henchmen killed innocent men and women in Sierra Leone

Julius Maada Bio - Allegations of atrocities

Julius Maada Bio is living in his dreams. After taking part in the slaughter of gallant men and women who served our country with distinction, he is now contemplating on regaining power, to once more shed the blood of innocent people. Does Maada Bio think the people of Sierra Leone would sit by and see him mount the throne of leadership without a fuss? Make no mistake Maada – your dreams may exist – but you are about to witness the most turbulent political experience in your life, that is if you even survive the current rift within your party’s hierarchy. The agony you and your collaborators caused on a good number of families, is about to haunt you. The terrible carnage the NPRC unleashed have not even been fully documented. There is more to the tyrannical rule of Bio and his cohorts, than they would want you to know. This is a matter of national importance, and we must all shed our political leanings for a minute, and contemplate the reality of what will transpire, if God forbid, Maada Bio becomes head of state once more. For obvious reason the APC government enjoys my support – simply put – Ernest Bai Koroma and the APC government in power, are the best things that have happened to our country in recent times. You don’t have to like the APC or be APC to acknowledge the fact that Sierra Leone is changing as a country. Changes unthinkable just 5 years ago. Those who are still in denial are those who would want to see our country in a stagnated state – with no progress and continued poverty and social decline.

The amazing transformation taking place in our country were the very things we all have been crying for. We must not as a people expect Ernest Koroma and his government to solve our country’s problems that have been created by the disastrous consequences of over 10 years of SLPP rule, overnight. The problems inherited by Ernest Bai Koroma and his government are insurmountable. The society was a broken one. There was a free for all affair taking place in our civil service, no regulation as members of the government were not only helping themselves, they were also handing badly managed contracts to their cronies who created fake companies and looted our countries resources with no mercy. But some of us still refuse to either accept or understand that taking over power doesn’t mean you have a magic wand to solve all the problems emanating from the botched economic policies of the SLPP era. Credit must be given to a president who is working tirelessly to tackle problems crooked politicians like John Benjamin and co. created.

When you take over power and what you inherit in the country’s vaults was not even sufficient to run the country for a month, what would you do? I think credit must be given to the current leadership for being so brave to take on our plight as a country head-on and endure the nasty barrage of insults from a loose arrangement of SLPP media supporters who instead of helping our country move forward, engage in slander, pretending to be the peoples advocates. Sierra Leoneans cannot easily forget what they had to put up with under a government that could care less whether they have electricity or medicine in their hospitals; or roads to travel to the provinces and back; or even creating a favourable climate for international investors to make our country their business hub.

It is easy to point fingers at Ernest Koroma, when we all forget the misery we endured under the SLPP, when foolish politicians like John Benjamin and Sama Banya, who have committed the most terrible crimes on our people, open their mouth and start spewing the same garbage that they feed their media mercenaries. But one should not at all be surprised when you look back at these two men’s political history. Banya is a political prostitute, who even after decades of switching different political identities, still doesn’t know whether he is SLPP or APC. John Benjamin’s most recent achievement the installation of a human rights abuser, who he connived with to overthrow a legitimately elected government, to be candidate for a party that has lost its sense of direction.

Ladies and gentlemen, the new SLPP has become an extension of the former NPRC not only by association, but by the deliberate election of Julius Maada Bio, a man who has blood in his hands, to lead them into an election that will define and guarantee our future as a nation. Maada Bio wants to shake off his past and re-invent himself as a democrat. Well, that’s going to be difficult, as the TRC reports clearly provides evidence contrary to this. Bio’s record in government is all the people of Sierra Leone have as material to determine whether he is fit to govern them once more. And I don’t have to tell you how unpleasant that record is. Bio has nothing else to present to the Sierra Leonean  people as evidence that will justify him being reconsidered for taking over the mantle of state. The record is just not good. And you can’t brush aside a brutal period in power where summary executions were carried out for fun and say you should be trusted once more with the reins of government. The reality stack up. Bio is a murderer and I urge him and his caboodle to challenge this. It is fully documented. Ask those families who lost loved ones in the hands of these lunatics.

There is no place in Sierra Leone politics again for people like Bio, John Benjamin and those who support their nasty ideologies. Bio has to answer questions first, before even contemplating becoming paramount Chief, a right he possesses, because of his family lineage, before even entertaining the thought of being head of state.  We must not as a nation forget that the next election is going to define our future and continued development. Taking the amazing work Ernest Koroma and his government are doing for granted, will bring intolerable consequences that will finally confine us to lasting poverty. This is not the moment to debate political options, it is a moment to maintain the status quo, and prevent catastrophe taking place as Julius Maada Bio has not provided a good example of leadership.

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