Is President Faure Gnassingbé going to show mercy as his brother faces a treason trial in Togo on charges of attempted assassination?

Kpatch left and Faure right

Gnassingbé Eyadema would be turning in his grave as a political row between his two sons that started just after the late Togolesse strongman died, threatens to get into an even deeper feud.  When  Gnassingbé died, Faure seized power with the help of the military and took over the presidency. On assuming the presidency, Faure appointed his brother Kpatch Eyadema as Defence Minister. But serious rivalry ensued  between the two that led to Kpatch being accused of staging a coup to oust his brother from power. Although several attempts have been made to diffuse the tension between the two brothers, Kpatch is now facing a treason trial that is now to take place next week.

The country’s Attorney General has announced the Kpatch will go on trial for the assassination attempt on the country’s president. The trial was delayed for over a year to make time for the prosecution to put together credible evidence to charge one of Togo’s most prominent sons to court. But it seems President Faure Gnassingbé is keen to send a powerful message to anyone contemplating taking power by force, that irrespective of who you are, you will face the full penalty of the law. But some observers are saying the charges were trumped up to silence Kpatch, who was seen as favourite to succeed his father. But sanity should prevail, and the two brothers need to sit down and iron their differences, as this debacle will not go down well in Togolese politics.

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