Big loss for the African Movie Industry as Nigerian actor Sam Loco Efe dies

Sam Loco Efe – Outstanding talent

According to reports coming out of Nigeria, top Nollywood star actor and comedian, Sam Loco Efe, has died. The report stated that the talented actor died on location in his hotel room earlier today in Owerri, in the state of Imo. Sam Loco Efe who was 66 years old, died in his sleep after  he had complained of heart seizure the day before at the location. Sam Loco Efe has thrilled African movie fans across the globe with his hilarious style of comedy and has been a massive market for the Nigerian movie industry. Sam Loco Efe is one of the most talented actors of contemporary Nigerian theatre. He has for many years distinguished himself as a rare talent for both Television and stage drama. He hailed from Benin in Edo State. Many people misunderstood his surname for a Delta man. Efe is a Benin name although the Urhobo people popularised it. Efe means Wealth in Benin as it also means in Urhobo but it means Cloth in Ibo.

He will be missed by many of his fans around the world. His family may take comfort from his outstanding performance in the Nigerian movie scenes as a great actor who brought laughter to so many. May his soul rest in perfect peace.

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  1. Is a great day 4all de entire world 2remember of. Bcous it sound more dan atomic bomble,sam efe sleep well,en….. I no in HALL FIRE u will not smoke nor drink again

  2. may his soul rest in peace…he will for ever be missed…he stood as my most favourite actor..not only a loss to the Nigerians but our living rooms all over africa… We loved u Sam!

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