Outstanding leadership – Sierra Leone President Koroma prepares for a second consecutive term in office

President Ernest Bai Koroma

Just under six months from now, the people of Sierra Leone will be heading to the polls once more.  Its been four years since they voted in numbers to elect Ernest Bai Koroma as their president. The 2007 election was an important milestone in the history of our country. Sierra Leone needed a dramatic change. One that had to usher in necessary transformation and overhaul of the economic and political deficiencies that had destroyed the foundation of a once prosperous nation.

Poverty had struck at the very heart of our communities. And as a people, we became powerless to effectuate change because of the greedy politics of a few that had power centred in their hands. The SLPP had been in power just over 10 years and our expectations were dashed, as very little was accomplished and most of the vital institutions of state were in shambles. Instead of progressing, our country witnessed the biggest economic decline in a generation.  Everything virtually packed up. Our currency became  practically worthless. We had no electricity to man our industries and empower productivity.  Investors shied away as little incentives were available to lure them into our untapped natural resources and mineral wealth. Our country was mismanaged by corrupt politicians with a reckless agenda to fill there pockets, as the government ceased to function as a viable  administration after being reduced to an entity that could only rely on foreign handouts to manage the day to day running of the state.

Sierra Leone was practically brought to its knees. We had to beg or borrow to survive as a nation. It was a disgraceful and shameful position for any country to find itself.  It is even more striking to note  that  those who were responsible for our demise as a nation, are once more planning to assume the leadership of our country. It will indeed be an insult to our pride as a country to grant the SLPP another chance to ruin the dramatic overhaul taking place right now across our country, which has been as the result of the fantastic leadership and dynamism of our current head of state, Ernest Bai Koroma and the APC government. There is nothing that the SLPP can sell to the Sierra Leonean people once more  that will grant them the consideration of another chance  to govern our nation.

You can only imagine what would have happened if President Koroma had continued on the slow developmental pace  of the SLPP.  As a party and a government, the SLPP have shown they are unfit for purpose and cannot manage  our system of government effectively. As a country we cannot afford to delay our political and economic development anymore. Giving the SLPP another chance would mean the dismantling of all the wonderful projects that are taking place  everywhere in our country. They had ten or more years to prove they can run our state. They not only failed us, they destroyed our hopes and left us with no faith in the system.  They had the opportunity to turn things round for us as a people, but their priorities where somewhere else.  They took us for granted and played poker with our livelihood.  We have suffered as a people and the humiliation of poverty brought upon us as a nation was not of our own making. It was the bad decisions and inept governance structure the SLPP created that shattered our aspirations.

The past four years has provided a sound insight as to how a government should run a state. We have seen first-hand how we the people have become the priority . We have seen how our health and welfare  have been taken seriously. We have witnessed a government at work for its people. We have seen how our liberty and freedom have not only been guaranteed but have been enshrined into our way of life . We have witnessed the influx of top investors bringing our economy back to life. We have seen laws changed to enhance a better business climate.  We have also seen free healthcare for our pregnant and lactating mothers introduced to reduce infant mortality. and improve our well being as a nation. We have  seen how one man challenges the  difficulties we face as a people  and initiates an Agenda for Change that provides a unique roadmap to restore our dignity as a nation and our  rightful place in the international community of nations!

We should not take for granted what we have been looking forward to since our development as a nation was lynched by a political mob of embezzlers, who are now attempting to repair their already damaged reputation and present a camouflaged alternative to the wonderful changes we are now experiencing . We cannot sign-up to another wreck of our economy. We cannot sign-up to another five years of complete mismanagement of our God-given resources. We cannot sign-up to another play-cook politics era. Things have changed for the better and we should keep it that way. Our future can only be bright Рbut we have to make the right choices as a people to ensure this is the case.  We can only sign-up to another term in office for a man and a government that has shown considerable courage and fortitude in tackling the issues that are important to us as a nation. A man whose resolve to make our lives better can only be matched by his determination to end the poverty cycle we have only known as a way of life. Ladies and gentlemen, the next election will not be a choice between the APC and the SLPP; it will be a choice between sustaining the current progress already underway, and voting overwhelming to keep the momentum of change , or mortgage our future into the hands of those who have already squandered what truly belongs to us!


First published on Newstime Africa 16, July 2011 

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  1. John

    Sierra Leone will be lucky to have His Excellency Dr Koroma as the President for 2nd term.I will plead with Sierra Leoneans to amend the Constitution so that His Excellency Dr Bai Koroma can remain President for life time.

  2. Bob Marley said, you can only fool the people one time, you can not fool them all the time. The SLPP have no tangible product to sell to the masses as a viable product. They failed the ordinary Sierra leonean and left the country to perish with poverty. No one with his or her complete senses will trust these people. They have no sympathy for our country and our people. 2012 will be a clear referundum for our President. He has achieved a lot for Sierra leone. Sierra Leoneans are not fools. They have seen the differences. Make no mistake, SLPP will have no chance now to get the power from us. We will still be in power as a credible and trusted political party.
    Long live President Ernest Bai Koroma and his executive.
    From the Voice of Peace,
    Umaru Jalloh,
    President Atlanta APC.

  3. I think from what Sierra Leoneans have seen so far,Dr Koroma has all what it takes to lead Sierra Leone from dreadful state to a state of assurance for all.he needs another chance to move this country on to a brighter future.

  4. We cant for any reason deny the point that President Koroma has been an exceptional leader….within four years, we are seeing a new direction and that is more the reason we should vote him come 2012

  5. Certainly President Koroma is our genuine redeemer. His second term has already been endorsed. My only advice to Sierra Leoneans is that do not listen to saboteurs and vote President Koroma to maintain the status quo. It is my firm conviction that Sierra Leone will continue to move to higher heights under the leadership of EBK. Vote him “tae go”!!!!!!
    From Beijing, China.

  6. As a journalist myself working for the Gambian Point Newspaper, I must say this is an excellent piece by Mr Ahmed Kamara who is one of the best African journalist in the world today. I wish President Yahya Jammeh can learn a thing or two from President Koroma. Congrats and continue the good job. Africa needs more leaders like you.

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