U.N. Human Rights Chief slams China for failing to arrest Sudan President Omar al-Bashir

Wanted for crimes against humanity - President Omar al-Bashir

The head of the U.N. human rights commission has criticised China for failing to arrest Sudan’s president so that he can be brought to trial on war crimes charges. U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay told reporters in Geneva she was “disappointed” that China welcomed Sudan’s President Omar al-Bashir during a visit this week, rather than arrest him to ensure he stands trial. Pillay said that “the whole world favors trial” for al-Bashir for his role in the civil war in Sudan that killed more than 2 million people. China has a duty to enforce warrants by the International Criminal Court, she said, despite the fact that it’s not a member of The Hague, Netherlands-based tribunal. “There is a duty and a responsibility on the part of every government including China to assist the court in bringing to justice individuals who have been indicted by the court,” Pillay said. “It’s disappointing when states do not deliver on this responsibility.”

Al-Bashir, who left Beijing on Wednesday for the eastern Chinese port city of Qingdao, was expected to leave China later Thursday to return to Sudan. Pillay said she could assure everyone, based on her experience as a judge for the ICC, that it would conduct a fair trial. “It’s not like we’re calling for an execution of someone, we’re calling for an arrest of someone,” she said. The International Criminal Court has twice issued warrants for his arrest on charges of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes in Darfur. China is not a court member and says it’s reserving opinion.


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  1. Nalliah Thayabharan

    Are the actions of Russia in Chechnya, or India in Kashmir, or China in Tibet, or Israel in the occupied territories, crimes against humanity? If not, why not?
    After the Second World War it was easy to convict leading Nazis of waging illegal war. It has proved more difficult to indict former U.S. president George W. Bush for the same crime.
    In 2001, Serbian leader Slobodan Milosevic was properly brought before a special United Nations tribunal to face justice for his role in the Yugoslav mayhem. But those NATO leaders who without UN authorization made illegal war on Serbia, were not.
    So far, World leaders say nothing about Bush’s decision to authorize torture domestically. Nor do they chastise Bush’s successor, Barack Obama, for continuing to outsource torture offshore.

  2. Bravo China for a work well done. Do the UN human right only belong to AFRICA? If so why? Navi Pillay, before you call for the arrest of African leaders for human right violations, I first of all would like you to call for the arrest of George Bush Senior and Junior, Barako Bama and their top military commanders for atrocities they committed in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Libya. You should also issue arrest warrant for France president and Gooden Brown of Britain for violating human right in Libya.
    Why is it that the ICC and the UN human right only targeting Africans? Now look, is it not a human right violation by France to arm rebels in Libya while at the same time they are killing and destroying lives and property of supporters of the Libyan leader on a stupid and arrogant pretext of protecting the people?
    Africa rise up and say no to this 21st century of mental slavery. Get up and stand up for the right of Africa. These coloured people should now stop taking us as scape goats. Enough is enough, they enslave our brothers and sisters for more than three centuries and they still want to continue it; this time not physical slavery but mental Slavery.
    China you are a hero and indeed you are super power but you don’t show it it because of your government policies and what you stand for. Continue to be friend of Africa for Africa has all what you need and surely we will be by you.
    Madam UN human right, it is better for you to turn your attention on what is going on in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Palestine etc. than to pock your nose into the Affairs of Africa and their leaders who are your target.

  3. victor ochule

    as much as i suport d actions of china on not arresting d sudanese president i still feel concerned at one thing.who consoles d people who’s rights have bn abused?what has bn done to ameliorate their plights?what happens 2 those who had lost friends,families and loved one’s due 2 bashirs actions?does dat mean d should b left 2 their fate?.of cause i do not suport western dominion over africa when they have not bn fair themselves in advocating 4 justice but d poor masses who bear d brunt what hope lies 4 them

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