Joule Africa appoints Lahmeyer International to undertake feasibility studies for Bumbuna Phase II development in Sierra Leone

(FREETOWN, 9 JUNE 2011) – Two weeks after signing a Memorandum of Understanding with the Government of Sierra Leone, Joule Africa, the emerging markets alternative energy developer, has appointed Lahmeyer International, a European engineering firm, to undertake feasibility studies for the second phase of development for the Bumbuna hydroelectric facilities. The Lahmeyer team arrived in Freetown THIS WEEK to start on an initial pre-feasibility study which will take up to six months. Lahmeyer International has a long-standing reputation of working successfully in Africa and extensive experience designing hydroelectric plants across the world. The firm previously worked in Sierra Leone in 1996 undertaking a Power Sector Master Plan for the government. This report included a survey of a number of possible hydroelectric sites, including Bumbuna and the subsequent phases for its development.

In ADDITION to commissioning Lahmeyer International to undertake the feasibility studies for Bumbuna, Joule Africa has ALSO asked Lahmeyer to UPDATE their nationwide 1996 Power Sector Master Plan for the benefit of the government and people of Sierra Leone. This updated study will give the government a comprehensive and informed view of the available options to develop their power needs for the NEXT FIFTY YEARS. Commenting on the appointment, Andrew Cavaghan, Managing Partner of Joule Africa said: “We selected Lahmeyer both for their impressive track record in hydroelectric design work in Africa, as well as for their previous experience in Sierra Leone. It was important to us that Lahmeyer not only undertook the necessary feasibility studies for Bumbuna, but that we, with the Government of Sierra Leone, looked to the future and considered all available options for the development of the power sector in Sierra Leone, including reviewing the transmission and distribution challenges. The government has high ambitions for the electrification of Sierra Leone, which is an ambition we share and are pleased to be a part of.”

Commenting on the appointment of Lahmeyer International the Hon Deputy Minister of Energy and Water Resources, Bash-Kamara said: “We are delighted that Joule Africa is not only commencing their feasibility work ahead of schedule using such a reputable firm as Lahmeyer International, but that they share our ambitions for the comprehensive development of power across Sierra Leone. The updated Power Sector Master Plan will go a long way to helping my colleagues and I to strategically and substantially plan our approach over the coming years.”


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