Ali Ben Bongo calls his Opponents ‘Traitors’ and ‘Liars’

Ali Ben Bongo of Gabon

Ali Ben Bongo of Gabon

Ali Ben Bongo, the eldest son of Gabon’s former leader, Omar Bongo, has called his opponents in the forthcoming Presidential elections, ‘traitors’ in an election campaign rally. There are 20 opposition candidates lining up against Bongo who is the candidate for the ruling party. A few weeks ago the Prime Minister resigned to join the race. A few of the candidates have accused Ali Ben Bongo of attempting to impose a political dynasty in the country.

Bongo called his opponents traitors and liars and told a large crowd of thousands of his supporters that his opponents should be ignored as they will turn their backs on them. Bongo’s father, Omar had ruled Gabon with an iron fist and has often been accused of profiting personally from oil investment. The Gabonese people saw very little of the oil investment running into millions of dollars spent by oil company. He is credited to have brought stability to Gabon as a result of his firm grip on power.

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  1. felixagyapong

    I think Gabon governacy has become Monarchy.It started from Togo,DR Congo n its coming straight to Gabon.Only God knows what will happen in Lybia,Egypt and the others in the years to come.what even happen in Nigeria n other African countries aint good for the dark continent.We the civil society should stand up and take our destiny from these selfish politicians.