ICC prepares to charge Laurent Gbagbo for crimes against humanity

Laurent Gbagbo - Crimes against humanity

THE HAGUE, March 5, 2011 (AFP) – The International Criminal Court is ready to “move fast” against the perpetrators of crimes against civilians in Ivory Coast, its deputy prosecutor told AFP on Saturday. Seven women protesting against strongman Laurent Gbagbo were on Thursday shot by forces loyal to him and aid agencies have warned that the deteriorating situation is preventing them from helping those worst hit by the crisis. “One thing is clear, if it (the situation) reaches the gravity threshold, definitely the ICC will move fast”, Fatou Bensouda said, describing the deaths of the women as “appalling.” “The ICC is ready. We are collecting information, we are analysing information, and we will be ready in a very short time to move,” she said. “The situation is grave and the Cote d’Ivoire is on the brink of civil war.” The country has been in conflict since November’s presidential election, with Gbagbo refusing to leave office in favour of Alassane Ouattara, the internationally recognised new president.


Ministers in Ouattara’s government said Friday they were planning a resolution at the UN rights council that refers to possible probes against Gbagbo by the ICC. The court, which prosecutes individuals for crimes against humanity, war crimes and genocide, can open an investigation on referral by the UN Security Council or a signatory state to its founding Rome Statute, or at the prosecutor’s own initiative. “We think we have jurisdiction on the past, the current and the future alleged crimes,” said Bensouda. While the Ivory Coast is not a signatory to the statute, its government under Gbagbo had accepted the court’s jurisdiction in 2003 for crimes committed on its territory. “It has also been accepted and confirmed by Alassane Ouattara since November of 2010.”

Bensouda quoted UN statistics that nearly 400 people had been killed since the disputed elections, and hundreds of thousands displaced. “It is getting worse by the day,” she said. “If things are continuing on this level I think that the ICC will be moving very soon whether we have a referral or not.” She highlighted the shooting of the women protesters in Abdijan’s northern Abobo district on Thursday, allegedly by soldiers loyal to Gbagbo. “Any attack against unarmed civilians would be a crime under ICC jurisdiction and the targeting of the most vulnerable persons, such as women and children, is a crime of even higher gravity,” said Bensouda. “We wish to remind the perpetrators that it is our policy to pay special attention to crimes against women and children and the same is also true for attacks against peacekeepers.”

Earlier Saturday, African Union Commission chief Jean Ping arrived in Abidjan to give Gbagbo and Ouattara a “message” from African leaders to avoid a civil war in Ivory Coast. He is mandated by a panel of African heads of state tasked with finding a peaceful solution to the dispute and who have called for an end to the killings. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton accused Gbagbo and his forces of a “callous disregard for human life”.


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  2. Adamua Sanbua

    What are the so called ICC, EU and UN still watin for before they will intervain to the situation here in Ivory Coast? The killing has gone beyound what anyone on earth can immagin. Gbagbo has to give account for killing unarmed civilian/women and children

  3. Lombart

    Côte d’Ivoire – Freezing of assets ordered by the Prosecutor of the Republic: Here’s the new list of 97 persons
    By The Patriot | Abidjan.net | Sunday, June 12, 2011 8:39 | Watched 11107 times | 36 comments Favorites
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    Africa | Keywords: Gbagbo , Abidjan , Attorney , Cote dIvoire

    Source: Abidjan.net
    The prosecutor in Abidjan, Koffi Kouadio Simplice, has ordered the freezing of assets of 97 people who have colluded with the Gbagbo regime while it was forbidden. This list comes after a first list of 148 people published in May consists of prefects, sub-prefect, Director of Administration, journalists, presidents of associations of consumers, men in uniform, etc..
    The Council of the European Union has thus renewing restrictive measures against certain persons. Hence the requisition June 8 the Prosecutor of the Republic.
    The prosecutor at the Court of First Instance in Abidjan Plateau;
    Considering Articles 41, 74 et seq of the Code of Criminal Procedure;
    Given the decisions:
    No. 2011/17/PESC Council of 11 January 2011 amending Decision 2010/656/PESC;
    N ‘° 2011/11/18 CFSP of 14 January 2011 amending Decision 2010/656/PESC;
    No. 2011/221/PESC Council of 6 April 2011 amending Decision 2010/656/PESC;
    Council of the European Union renewing restrictive measures against Côte d’Ivoire in order to freeze assets of persons designated below:
    1 – SAM Etiassé Reeve Abidjan
    2 – George Gnaba Gnahoré Siaba, sub-prefect of Bingerville
    3 – Herman ABOA, journalist
    4 – Benjamin Zahui, journalist
    5 – Gogui Theophilus, DG SOGEPA
    6 – Anoia CASTRO (Teacher)
    7 – Jean Yves Dibopieu, President SOAP
    8 – SIDJIRI Bakaba, Director of Culture Palace
    9 – Claude YOH, Journalist
    11 – Dr. Kouadio, HRD Port
    12 – LIAB Valentin (SOPIE)
    13 – Florent Assie
    14 – Christopher Gneheri Boizo DGA (Port)
    15 – Claude Franck About, journalist
    16 – Ms. BIOT Wife Bernadine Koua
    17 – Michael Zade Bouazo
    18 – Anastasia Sépou Kacou Laure
    19 – Peter Dandan
    20 – Gnekré Joseph Ley Thiérry
    21 – Victor Tihi Kpao
    22 – Robert Kouamé Bli Bi
    23 – Andre N’Guessan Ahepka
    24 – Francis Takassi
    25 – Traore Massiafi
    26 – Jean Claude Atsé Atsé
    27 – Nea Kipré (Teacher)
    28 – Harouna Kone (Ministry of Transport)
    29 – Zingoua Kouadio Franck (Economist)
    30 – Abou Toure (Minister of Economy and Finance)
    31 – Wheat GUEHI
    32 – Lorougnon Maurice (economist)
    33 – Master Laouni Koita (District of Abidjan)
    34 – Achy Valentin (Prime Minister)
    35 – Oi Kouame Kouame Bernard (Engineer)
    36 – Roger Mobio Kouedan
    37 – Yacouba Coulibaly (Minister of Economy and Finance)
    38 – Wife Nadia Dao Coulibaly
    39 – Jacques Gnahet (Ministry of Interior)
    Ahekpa 40-Andrew (Minister of Industry)
    41 – Doukou Gode
    42 – Assi Agnan Crepin
    43 – Blaise Toba
    44 – André Désiré Ahouti
    45 – Dago Djah Lazarus
    47-Ake Ehouo Joel
    48 – Deby Dalli Gbalawoulou (journalist)
    49 – Lahoues Souanga Etienne (journalist)
    50 – Wife Chantal Poble Mongolia (Magistrate)
    51 – Armand Bohui Koue
    52 – Amos Béonaho (Journalist)
    53 – Allali N’Goran
    54 – Assi Adon Amedée
    55 – Kokori Kouassi
    56 – Gaudet Saturin
    57 – Adjehi Ztayé
    58-Brou Komoé Marius
    59 – Dedi Seri (Teacher)
    60 – Jacques Kacou (Minister of Public Works)
    61 – Mrs. Kassi Marie-Odile
    62 – Beni Koffi (Ministry of Economy and Finance)
    63 – Seydou Soro (Minister of Agriculture)
    64 – Doin Doh Urie
    65 – Kudu Djagoran Constant
    66 – Ms. Kouassi Ahou Apia Born Sophie
    67 – Albert Fian
    68 – Jean Marcelin Bancouly Yapi
    69 – Adja Kouassi Jules
    70 – Wife Mrs. Bako Likikouet Odette Sauyet
    71 – Hubert Oulaye
    72 – Alexander Assemian
    73 – Wheat Lavry (DGA Treasury)
    74 – Zagba Tapé Arnaud (BNETD)
    75 – Sie Ouattara (Economieet Minister of Finance)
    76-Manou Dadjet (Ministry of Mines)
    77 – Kipré Gnongbo (Ministry of Industry)
    78 – Toure Aboubacar (Ministry of Mines)
    79 – Kodei Gnahoré (Ministry of Industry)
    80 – Rene Deon-Segui (Teacher)
    81 – Alexander Assemian Clovis (the first Cabinet Department)
    82 – Michel Hebert (DG Comium)
    83-Nizar Dalloul (PCA Comium)
    84 – Kacou Guibehi (payer General Treasury)
    85 – Antoine Nimba Kocounseu (central accounting officer of the treasury deposit)
    86 – Jacques Assahoré Konan (accounting officer of the Public Debt)
    87 – Hien Charlemagne (ICE)
    88 – Jacques Djama Pierre Edmond (Magistrate)
    89 – Mousso Gnamien Paul (Magistrate)
    90 – Franck Tayoro Timothy (Magistrate)
    91 – Zahui Marcelin (former CEO of newly CECEP CNC)
    92 – A. Felix Tyeoulou-Dyel (Former Secretary General of Government)
    93 – Ms. Blandine Abadi (former Deputy Secretary General of Government)
    94 – Mrs. Esther Dogbo Dobli Desirée (former Deputy Secretary General of Government)
    95 – Angel Nokou (Head of Communication Department Mounted Agban)
    96 – Akai Gnahoré (Chief Warrant Officer in the Presidency)
    97 – Nassa Dakoury (Prefect of Yamoussoukro)
    Requires banks and financial institutions in Côte d’Ivoire to please stop all financial movements on bank accounts belonging to persons above mentioned and ban until further notice all transactions in stocks, bonds and other securities held by such persons.
    District Attorney
    Koffi K. Simplice
    Magistrate in Hierarchy

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