Angolan government says it will take “serious measures” against anyone seeking power through protests

President Eduardo dos Santos - Strong warning for protesters

LUANDA, February 22, 2011 (AFP) – An anonymous call for a mass protest in Angola on March 6 has drawn a warning from the ruling MPLA party, which threatened to take “serious measures” against anyone seeking power in the streets. Rumours have been circulating on the Internet for several days of a protest against President Jose Eduardo dos Santos who has been in power since 1979. According to a Facebook page called “The Angolan People’s Revolution”, the protest will take place at midnight on March 6 (2300 GMT) at Independence Square in the capital city, Luanda, and throughout the country.

Under the pseudonym Agostinho Jonas Roberto dos Santos — the first names of the leaders of Angola’s three independence movements and the surname of the current president — the organiser called on Angolans to “march with posters demanding the departure of Ze Du (Dos Santos’ nickname), his ministers and his corrupt friends.” The call has been picked up by several Internet sites, but no opposition or civil society leaders have publicly endorsed the plan, and the Facebook page currently has just 100 members.

A spokesman for the MPLA, the party that has ruled Angola since independence in 1975, declined to comment on the planned protest, saying there was “nothing formal” about it. “There are a lot of lies and a lot of truths on the Internet. We only comment on serious matters,” MPLA spokesman Rui Falcao Pinto de Andrade told AFP in a telephone interview Tuesday. But the party’s secretary general on Sunday issued a call on state radio “not to confuse what is happening in north Africa with the reality of Angola”. “In these circumstances (a protest), serious measures can be taken, because power cannot be in the streets,” said Juliao Mateus Paulo Dino Matross.

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  1. People planning to protest should know that this is the way western rightist powers are trying to divide AFRICA, note the following text, as I have much love for Angola & Africa:

    Most political trained minds, especially following the wealth of information on the web news, could see what is happening in Burundi & Africa in general. Neocolonialists France, Belgium and the rightist nations inside the EU are lurking around the whole of Africa and the fine nation of Burundi, looking for political in roads to destabilize Africa. Especially, for the more short range purpose of creating war in the northern African states in order to break them off from the southern African states, thus with this short range agenda; to try to split the African Union. Note, after a recent bombing in Burundi here is what a medical doctor said regarding his local area:

    Dr Philbert Sendegeye, the medical director at the hospital, said he was “astounded” by the attack {bombing}. “There are no divisions here.”

    Per France’s connection to the Burundi situation, and given France’s and the EU’’ behavior toward Africa recently, thus, not excluding the immature polity of the UN, per its one sided arrest attempts of African presidents – this suggest that these outside forces are behind the bombings. Though its clear Africans, like any other will have differences of approaches in one or two cases, but will work through it. In political analysis, its obviously that the western powers named above picked the peace seeking organization, then assassinated their leader, Zedi Feruzi of the Union for Peace & Development. This is within the agenda of destabilization for France and western rightist nation to do this. Obvious to me, EU & France Rightists are working on splitting the African Union in two. I could not imagine, while working hard to keep respect of the African Union, which personifies the stability & peace of Africa, Nkurunziza knows it would not be in his interest to assassinate the head of Burundi’s organization of peace. However, it would be in France, Belgium and the EU rightist nations interest to do so – for destabilization of Burundi, thus Africa.

    The style of the Burundi assassination is consistent with western nations “gang-military gorilla attacks,” drive by shootings that has its culture and creation from El Capone, to US street gangs, to George Bush’s South American “Hitler-like death squads and to the assassination of political leaders in Africa as a means of destabilization. Creation of these military styled gangs were a planned creation by western psychologist on behalf of the western right wing agenda. Barack Obama would be excluded from this kind of behavior, he is considered the outsider on this type of agenda by western rightist. That’s not Barack’s forte,’ actually, its beneath his kind of class.

    Western Rightist strategy is to prevent Africa from making smooth democratic transitions, thus taking every opportunity to send in their covert operative gang-militias, trained by rightist western private generals. An example is the Black Water Militia that operated in Iraq. President Barack banded them, so they do it covertly, but with rightist EU support.

    An example of one of Western Rightist operations, would be: have paid militants dress in a soldier’s uniform, create an atrocity, blame it on African governments, then go back into hiding or plain clothing. These are paid assassins or mercenaries. Rightist Western intent here is to create internal conflict inside African States. This is most exact of what happened in Zedi Feruzi’s situation. EU, France and others are obvious minds behind the destabilizing forces that are Boko Herem, Al Shabaab, and Isis {Google: General Westley Clark & the creation of Isis}.

    Isis, Boko Herem, El Shabaab are not your normal and Holy Muslims. Boko Herem, Isis and El Shabaab are paid mercenaries of the west, designed to kill unarmed Africans & Middle Easterners to decrease these population so that Africa & Middle East will eventually be inhabited by Europe. However, this would exclude President Barack Obama, he is fighting against Isis {all info per, analysis and research by several scientific groups}. In clarity, Muslim people in general are good people, same goes for Christian, Jews, traditional Africans, and any other religion.

    It’s the paid mercenaries, paid by the west, who are bombing & shooting. An example method of destabilizing: dressed in the opposition uniform or Government uniform, the mercenaries commit a bombing or shooting, and pretend it’s the Government or the opposition who did the act, in order to start wars. If a country is not careful, then, a country and its good people will find itself, mistakenly, retaliating against each other for something that Western Rightist mercenaries did.

    I have a degree and have trained in political science, but, this is a strong human message for all of Africa, drawing on our ancient common ancestor, the great Amen or Amenu {Imanu or Imana}. My history tells me he is also Teshay, or Um, Yamen, Hamen, An, Illu, Amankwa, Osirus, Ose, Tzu, Tsa, Hyma, Hama, Nyiama, the mind behind the pyrimids. History also tell me he organized the governance of the first civilization from Africa, India, China to the Aztect, Middle East. The Chinese & Indians called him Hema or Hyma. He gave the first law {under the name, Hammurabi}. He was Dark in skin like chocolate, he was and looked like today’s people of the African Union. He learned sailing the seas like his fore parent, the African, Nu {Noah}. His caravan of many ships were teamed with his children, the Khoisan; the Ga people, the Zu-lu; Yoroba; Ibibio; igbo; Berber; Mane-hume; Efe; Nagars; Nuer; Nuba; Xhosa; Saba; Hosa; the Kens {Sans}; the Libu {Libya}; Egypt, Ethiopia; All Africans & Diaspora today came out from him.

    Honorable Amen was Abraham’s great great … granddad through his blood line, Eber {Igbo or Hebrew} and through Abraham’s mom, called Amathela. Hon Amen was father of the Khoisan woman, Amathela, and that African Amathela was Abraham’s mom. While Terreh was Abraham’s dad. Hon. Amen was Nimrud’s grand dad. Nimrud was Aduduwa’s granddad. Hon. Amen’s great great … grandson, via Amen’s granddaughter, the African-Amethela, her son Abraham blood gave the 12 tribes of Jacob {Hebrew} and Ishmial {Islam}. Hon. Amen taught Africans and all his peoples these basic principals of righteousness.

    To the East Asian he inspired right living as well, however, the world over, all started to interpret his teaching in their own way. In the Middle East, he had an albino child named Mauri, they became a people and several peoples. The Greek, Chineses, India and Aztec civilization in which Amen started with his mauri blood line, they trace back to Amen’s Albino child. Everywhere one find pyramids in the earth, that is the path of the Black African Amen, our African fore father. His knowledge was the builder of the pyramids . It was said that he retired in the land of Amenti {Africa, land of the blessed}.

    A unified Africa, meaning an individual nation like Burundi should refuse to let the western rightist divide it into civil war. Also, all the nations of the African Union should remain together, regardless of the variant small differences, as is expected from time to time. African unity is the future of Africa, and is a doable achievement. unified Africa is too high of a price for the west to pay in order to come against Africa. Refuse civil wars, refuse intrastate wars and defend the unity against a Western Rightist: Eugenic-Darwinist Racist Ideology.

    * If one is Christian, Muslim, or Traditional African:

    Note: In that day I saw a number that no man could name coming together of all nations, in peace {KJV: The Book of Revelations}.

    Note: To this effect – It does’t matter which side of the mountain you start to climb, it all leads to the same point at the top-God, some calls him, Allah {The Quran}.

    Note: As for the traditional African, yours are the father of all religions today, AMEN. You are the first, directly made out from the Almighty God {Psalms 87 }.

    Note: News Magazine January 11, 1988, tittle: “In Search of Eve,” the magazine published a story on a collection of many highly skilled scientists who put together a works that traced the DNA of all races of people – to find that the Black African was first population and a highly civilized man { One should back-order the exacted magazine for reference in order to avoid any, purposed, misinformation – from those who have been hiding this information}.

    I’m African American!!

    Signed: BA Political Science

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