Government in Qatar slams Libya’s violent crackdown on protesters

Moamer Kadhafi - Pressure from Arab leaders

DOHA, February 22, 2011 (AFP) – Qatar on Tuesday condemned Libya’s violent crackdown on anti-regime protests as dozens gathered outside the Libyan embassy in Doha to protest “massacres” by Libyan strongman Moamer Kadhafi. “Qatar is following with extreme concern the current events in Libya as well as the authorities’ use of warplanes and firearms against civilians,” read a statement issued by the foreign ministry in Doha. “Qatar denounces the use of these arms and asks the Libyan authorities to stop the use of force against civilians and end the bloodshed.” The Gulf country also lamented the “silence” of the international community as Libya’s repression of the uprising escalated and protesters attacked police stations and torched government buildings. Human Rights Watch has said that 233 people have been killed since the uprising started while the International Federation for Human Rights (IFHR) put the toll at 300-400.

Tens of Libyans protested outside their embassy in Doha late Monday, demanding their ambassador take sides in demonstrations against Khadafi, following the defection of a string of Libyan diplomats across the world. The protesters condemned what they described as “massacres of the Libyan people revolting against the regime.” “There is no God but God, and Khadafi is the enemy of God,” chanted the angry protesters. “Tell Moamer and his sons that there are real men in Libya.” Libyan state television on Tuesday dismissed as “lies” allegations that security forces are massacring protesters. The UN Security Council is scheduled to meet on Tuesday at the urging of Libyan diplomats who have quit in protest against Kadhafi’s regime.

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