The White House tells Iran to shut up after “remarkable” comments

Ahmadinejad told to shut up

WASHINGTON, February 4, 2011 (AFP) – The White House Friday slammed Iran for intervening in the Egypt crisis, saying Tehran was in no position to make such “remarkable” comments after crushing its own uprising last year. Earlier, Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei had intervened in Friday prayers, styling the Egypt protests as an uprising against President Hosni Mubarak, a “”servant” of Israel and the United States. “It is remarkable that Iran would make a statement given their actions when it came to their people exercising the same rights that people are exercising now in Cairo,” Gibbs said.

Gibbs was referring to mass protests in Iran following the re-election of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in a June 2009 election that opponents said was rigged. Tehran, which severed diplomatic ties with Cairo in 1980, has backed the revolt in Egypt and warned Washington against “interfering” in what it says is a movement of the people.

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  1. bill

    myhummer akmaydinnerjaad needs a good smack in the mouth. he is a fanatic just like his boyfriend khomeini. if i recall correctly the citizens of his country wanted him out about but he crushed the uprising and did something very similar by shutting down the internet and arresting both opposers and journalists. can you sayyyyy hypocrite?

    • Esther Haman

      And Bill you need a good kick in the A-S. You know he is right and that is what burns you in the right places. This PREEMPTIVE REVOLUTION in Egypt will not become legitemate unless Army that we have built move out of the streets and Mubarak is hung with his Entourage all together.

      We need Egypt Sunni population to stand up to Iran. We can’t afford to let Egypt to have her own Revolution without us in control of the outcome, hence the PREEMPTIVE REVOLUTION . Poor Egyptians still have long way to go to taste real freedom on their own.

      Even at this stage of thos event we are not on the side of the people of Egypt and we are giving room and voice to what the Saudis are sayinig, which is “the Muslim Brootherhood is an agent of a foreign power and are planted this revolt by help and assistance of Iranian”!! LOL. If this was not started by the CIA I’ll change my name.

    • Iranian

      Bill you are totally right. he killed iranians in cold blood and tortured many innocent citizens, killed a lot of journalists. he should be last person on earth to talk about human rights. he does not represent the people of iran this Islamic revolution and his goverment are all FAKE.

    • George

      And, how do you know these things, even though you claim to be Iranian? In fact, there were no shots fired by the authorities in the streets of Tehran during the post-election demonstrations. However, I agree that people were beaten by batons. In the one case where a few people were tortured and killed in a make-shift prison, the guards and officials in charge were arrested and the prison was closed immediately. As reported by Associated Press today, two of the guards involved in the tortures were just executed.

  2. I believe you have to change your title
    The White House tells Iranian supreme leader (or khamneii) to shut up after “remarkable” comments.
    there is a big difference between Iran as nation and Iranian regime.

  3. George

    Gibbs should shut up himself. There is no analogy between the Egyptian uprising and the demonstrations following the 2009 presidential election in Iran. From all evidence, Ahmadinejad indeed won the election, although he probably did not get the votes of the intelligentsia in Tehran, the people who were demonstrating. Polls before the election predicted his win margin almost exactly. Also, Mousavi claimed that he won the election even before the start of vote counting. The Western press also hyped the dispute about the elections. Finally, the Iranian police never shot at the demonstrators in the streets, unlike the Egyptian police.

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