Facebook and Twitter bringing the Arab world to its knees

Social Networks

The power of social networking is at work in full gear around the Middle-East and it will soon come to China, Africa and Russia. It has become so serious that Arab countries are convening regional meetings to deal with the crisis that has already toppled one government and threatens to dismantle another. Most Arab countries have taken their people for granted, and have ignored the need for political, social and economic reforms. Across the Arab world, there has been a mix of tyranny, dictatorship and authoritarian rule either by entrenched Monarchy or Dynasties. From Libya to Saudi Arabia, the effects of Islamic fundamentalism in the past decade has meant that Arab countries had to redefine their national security to deal with the emergent threat that Al-Qaeda and other ruthless terror organisations  have thrown at their doorsteps. Some have spent billions of dollars protecting their countries against these terror threats.

But little did they realize they will be facing a more potent force that threatens the very survival of their countries’ political structures. Some have tried to block or regulate in some way, access to social network platforms like Facebook and Twitter, but the sophisticated IT tools available to web users and hackers these days had meant these barriers have always been thwarted and loopholes accessed. Social networking provides instant connectivity, and link people from around the world in seconds. And protests can be arranged in a matter of minutes as the means of communicating with each other has broadened with the emergence of amazing mobile platforms like Android, Windows Phone, Symbian, and the Apple IPhone. Instant connectivity has been a selling point for most mobile manufacturers as millions of handsets have been sold worldwide. And the introduction of 3G and 4G standards of data connectivity means messages travel at a lightning speed!!

All these has become the biggest threats to the mostly conservative regimes in the Middle-East, as citizens become more tech savvy and the internet’s potential is fully exploited to harness all its capabilities, as the people demand change to the way they have been governed, and the way of life they have been subjected to with little or no voice to effect change. This change is now inevitable as regimes buckle under people power. As Tunisia recovers from the effects of Facebook and Twitter power, tyrannical regimes around the world should recognize that the will of the people should not be taken for granted and it’s the peoples voice that matters. Government does belong to the people and not a few tyrants. Those who continue to hold on to power by force or by illegitimate means must now realize that no matter what weapons are pointed at the masses, people power will always prevail. It is important that rogue regimes around the world start parking to leave, as Facebook and Twitter are here to stay and people power is becoming more potent!!

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