A response to the bogus suspension of members by the APC/NA

Arolyn Ibrahim Koroma

By Arolyn Ibrahim Koroma, Washington, DC-USA – I wish to publicly thank concerned APC stalwarts who expressed displeasure regarding the bogus suspension of three devoted members of the Washington DC Chapter:  Mr. Abdul Bero Kamara, President elect of the True Washington DC Chapter, Mr. Issa T. Kamara, Secretary General, and Mr. Ibrahim Arolyn Koroma, Public Relations officer of the True APC Washington DC Chapter.  I Arolyn, as the authentic PRO, of the WMC, hereby categorically and personally assure you all concerned members that the above mentioned individuals are the legitimate officials of this Chapter and are trustworthy members of the All People’s Congress Party, of Sierra Leone. I hereby confidently state that nobody other than the APC Headquarters in Freetown can change the above mentioned individual’s status in the APC Organization. As for the PRO, I am the legitimate PRO except changed by a legitimate elections in our branch.  As a result, any Organization or anybody who portray himself or herself as having authority to change the status quo is an incorrigible lair and a public nuisance, and that include North American Branch buffoon Chairman Aziz Turay and his executives.

I was in a Library in Baltimore, Maryland where I was conducting a Book Signing session of two text books (‘SOFIA AND THE MISFORTUNE OF THE HIV/AIDS, AND BRIMA FALLA–THE ADVENTURE OF AN AFRICAN CHILD SOLDIER’) out of the three books that I have authored, when I was interrupted by a telephone call.  “Arolyn you have been suspended from national”, my friend said as he was laughing.

“National, what national?”  It took me two hours to think, because I don’t belong to any national. Our Washington DC chapter terminated relationship with the inept N/A Branch since April, 2010. With my busy schedule I decided not to respond, because I know that this current N/A Branch is a conglomerate of embezzlers, fools and egoistic individuals who are shopping for recognition.  I do not want to succumb to their distractions tactics.  But I also believed that the APC is the only party that most of us knew.  Thus, not responding to this mentally retarded bunch of good for nothing group would have been a disservice and disappointment to my late brothers and parents, who with many other honorable men and women had sacrificed so much for us to have an APC party today.

It was January 2010 that all APC loving members converged to Ohio for a convention and an election. While efforts were made to elect the most qualified members for the jobs, that does not happen in Ohio due to illicit tatics and tribalistic hand play.  Instead we were given the worst. My wonderful Article report then from the State of Ohio five days after the good election vehemently contradicted my present believes about the infamous organization.  The entire membership gave Aziz Turay space, time and support to correct or right him, but Aziz and his brother Brima Michael Turay frustrated the efforts of many who came to their aid, and their executive is now filled with every frustrated Wannabes in North America.  It is a cabal of jokers, Foday Sankoh’s left over rebels, sycophants, clowns, and you name it.

Aziz’s eight executives who voted to suspend individuals who never belong to National can pass for imbeciles, idiots and regressive thinkers, who not for once witnessed what administration or ruling means is a travesty.  This bunch of wannabes who cannot balance their personal accounts bank check books where first noticed by the Washington, D. C. Chapter members.  The total sum of six (6,000) thousand dollars was collected and within three months, these inept executives cannot offer any sensible account, other than provide a bogusly doctored financial statement under pressure after one year. . The membership expected the so call Harvard infested administration with more accountants than they can use can practice what they learned in school. The membership request to know the financial health of the organization, but we were greatly disappointed after the newly elected Chairman Aziz Turay’s elder brother. Brima Michael Turay (BMT), Assistant PRO, cried out loud “Don’t you ever asked our elected officials anything.  These guys are homegrown idiots; they cannot answer any question pertaining to this N/A Branch. Don’t you guys know that I am the Fundraising Director, the Financial Secretary, the Treasurer, the Organizing Secretary, the Chairman, etc.  With all this greed  and military attitude of BMT all the executives came to  a conclusion that  if BMT wants all the positions, let him have all the positions,  and ‘yes’ indeed he proudly shoved all in his pocket and work around  with them.  This is the beginning of all the problems in the National and thus signaled a chaotic end of the North America APC Branch.  With this egoistic stance of the Aziz Turay Wannabes executives now known as the top dog embezzlers, the Washington DC chapter immediately and completely wrote them off as a corrupt and ineffective bundle of rogues.

In March, April and May their figure head Financial Secretary on several occasions requited funds from the Washington DC branch. The membership comically and intelligently told him that we are out of the relationship, and we dumped North America National, but they cannot process the message.  The WMC cannot supply an in inefficient Administration funds for them to buy Leather Boots and jump into the bushes again, where most of them apparently came from, because their behaviors never change. Nine months later, the dumped national, whose life hangs by the thread talked about suspending members?  What a joke?  The WMC was first to  detect that we have elected a bunch of incorrigible thieves and egoistic fools, who run around printing Business Cards and titling  themselves Honorable Bigfoot, Hon. Doggie, hon. Toad and  Hon. $6,000 Gate, etc. These guys are complete jokers to think anybody take them serious.

The Turay brothers arrogance and foolish witch-hunt grounded the North American Branch. In its twelve months of operation they have nothing tangible to account for, other than confrontations and creating discord among progressive members and chapters.   This Aziz administration is an embarrassment and a menace to the cause and ideals of the party. This is the most useless N/A American branch to ever exist in diaspora.

Again, Aziz Turay exhibited his lack of understanding when in September 24, 2010 in a one and a half hour Presidential Hearing which was also conducted due to his exhibited foolish interference of the no nonsense WMC General Elections, which brought about an election stalemate.  Present in the Hotel room were:  President Dr. Ernest B. Koroma, H.E. Bockarie K. Stevens, Dr. Bankole Gibson, Mr. Foday Morris, Aziz Turay, Madam Yabom Sesay-Koroma, and Abdul Bero Kamara’s team, which earlier requested to meet with the president to brief him on the elections impasse, a mess created by Aziz.  Aziz Turay was asked to explain, Yabom Sesay-Koroma, Ms. Abibatu Daramy who represented the WMC, and then Abdul Kamara himself explained.  After hearing from both sides, President Ernest Koroma in his own words said “Ladies and Gentlemen, after hearing from both sides, it is my conviction that there is no winner here. As such, I will mandate my Ambassador Mr. Stevens to do a thorough investigation and report back to me”. Madam Yabom and Aziz heard everything that was said. Aziz came out of that room and told his constituency that the President endorsed Yabom Sesay as president.

This is only a summary of what happened in that room. This is not the right platform, but Turay’s inept administration report will be out soon .  This is just to show or back everything I have said about Chairman Aziz Turay and his gang of fools. He can see, read, and hear but his thinking faculty cannot process to pass on pertinent information to others to create peace and harmony in the N/A Branch. He enjoys chaos and defying authority.  Well, Sir, Aziz Turay, Diaspora has watched you for one year.  The time has come for you to confront reality, that you and your executives disappointed not only us in diaspora, but Freetown as well.

Political parties thrives on a numbers game, but quality people , not a bunch of rude and dead beat N/A Branch executives that does not add  value to the home party.  I will strongly recommend that this entity be shut-down as soon as possible. Because keeping it can only bring more disrepute among the well managed Chapters whose members do not agree with the inept Aziz Turay’s administration’s divide and rule attitude. Few days ago, the State of Ohio Chapter under the able leadership of Rashid Kamara, his result oriented General Secretary Henry Kamara,   the N/A Chapter’s most focus Fundraising Director Ahmed Kanu shut the door on the disgraced executives, who wanted to install a poppet care-taking body. Ohio Chapter’s unique membership forced Aziz to shamelessly walk away. They severed relationship with the inefficient National, and this will not be the end of the beginning.

We all agree that these buffoons have some members who are nothing but “yes” men and women whom they put on a leach and drag to vote on any silly issue or person Aziz wants to fight. These are the common enemies of the progressive diaspora.   I will assure anybody that after watching this administration for twelve months of zero progress, the next donkey years won’t make a difference as its useless executives are high on creating anarchy where it does not exist in their search for cheap popularity.  Leaving N/A Branch intact for 2012 elections will be counter-productive. It must be shut-down to uphold the integrity of our APC party. The party that true members love and not spies who cry that they are  born in APC homes, but act differently  to destroy that which our forefathers had worked hard for . I appeal to the APC hierarchy to shut-down this cabal of disrespectful bunch.

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