Mass graves discovered in Ivory Coast as Laurent Gbagbo conceals human rights atrocities

UN troops in Ivory Coast

There have been reports of enforced or involuntary disappearances, arbitrary detentions and extra-judicial or arbitrary executions and sexual violence occurring and may still be occurring in Ivory Coast, this is according to UN human rights experts who have fear of gross human rights violations being committed in Ivory Coast by the Gbabgo regime that could amount to crimes against humanity. The UN says it has evidence from credible sources to suggested that the Gbagbo administration has been engaged in systematic abuse of human rights. Navi Pillay, the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights has reportedly said that she had written to Laurent  Gbagbo and other senior officials in Ivory Coast reminding them that they will be held personally responsible and accountable for human rights violations resulting from their actions or omissions, according to international human rights and humanitarian law.  Pillay went on to say that the UN had received reports of at least two mass graves.

She also highlighted that human rights teams have been denied access to the scenes of these atrocities as they wanted to investigate them. This puts the regime in a very precarious situation, because even if Gbagbo continues as Head of State, him and his henchmen will be pursued for these human rights atrocities. Such ruthless behaviour is not acceptable anymore in African politics, and the sooner Gbagbo is forced out, the better it would be for the Ivorian people.
Laurent Gbagbo has exposed his insatiable appetite for power, to the world. He has demonstrated so vividly that it is power he is only interested in, because when the welfare, safety and security of your people are at stake, and you are told you are the reason, if you have the interest of your people at heart, you will do what is right and step down. But this dictator has failed to do that and his continued belligerence can only suffocate an already volatile situation. The people of Ivory Coast should understand that this is a golden opportunity to reclaim their country and not allow Gbagbo to force his way into the system. He has been rejected at the polls and he must step down and make way for the choice of the people: Alassane Ouattara. Minister for Youth Charles Ble Goude, who is making so much noise and threats, should shut up and consult his rather loose thinking faculty, and ask himself what good will come out of instigating violence. He should be at the top of any human rights list for crimes against the people of Ivory Coast.

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