A.U. appoints Sekouba Konate as head of the African Union Standby Military Force

Alpha Conde inaugurated president of Guinea

The African Union has decided to reward, General Sekouba Konate, the former Interim Head of State of Guinea, by appointing him as the new High Representative of the African Union for the Operationalization of the African Standby Force. The announcement was revealed on the (RPG) Rally of the Guinean People website. The RPG is a  Mandinkan organization of which Guinea’s newly inaugurated President Alpha Condé is its leader. The AU has rewarded Konate apparently for successfully moving Guinea  into a democratic state. And the appointment may also be an incentive to encourage Konate to keep well away from Guinean politics.

Sekouba Konate - New AU Military Chief

Before becoming Interim leader, Sekouba KOnate was Dadis Camara’s Vice President after the Junta took power in a bloodless coup just after the death of former president, Lansana Conte.  Konate took the reins of power when Captain Dadis Camara was shot in the head in  December of 2009. Camara survived a bullet wound to the head and has been out of the country convalescing in Burkina Faso. The brokered agreement by Burkinabe President Blaise Compaore, had meant the Camara would stay away from Guinean politics until a new democratically elected government is sworn in. Dadis Camara has now expressed his determination to return to his homeland albeit not for any political reasons.

Meanwhile, Alpha Condé has been inaugurated as President of Guinea today amidst a well-attended  ceremony that included the Sierra Leone president, Dr Ernest Bai Koroma and a host of Heads of States and government from across Africa. The new President of Guinea, Alpha Condé,  has expressed  five priorities for his incoming government. Namely; national unity through democracy, food self-sufficiency in three years, universal education and health access, economic development, and the encouragement of foreign investment and regional integration. The future can only be bright for a country that has suffered dictatorship  and tyranny for most part of its independent years.

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