Dadis Camara set to return as Guinea prepares to inaugurate a new president

Guinea’s former Junta leader, Captain Moussa Dadis Camara, is planning to return to his country soon. After having stayed away from politics in the aftermath of an attempted coup on his life that left him hospitalized for some time in Morocco where he was treated for gunshot wound to his head, Camara has decided to return to his homeleand. He left Morocco for Burkina Faso where he has been convalescing all this time and keeping a low profile after a political agreement was reached that saw an interim government conduct free and fair elections that has ushered in a new democratically elected government headed by Alpha Conde, who will be sworn in on Tuesday in the capital, Conakry.

In an interview broadcasted on the Africable network, the former Guinean leader said, “I plan to return in good form to Guinea because it is my homeland, I want to be useful to my country and to the new president, but I don’t need to be in politics. That is not my ambition for the moment.” Camara’s return would help cushion tribal tensions that erupted during the election process, as he is considered very influential within his ethnic group.  He is said to have strong political support in the country despite his long absence and has denied giving orders for the mass killing of civilians during a protest in the capital’s sports stadium that left over 150 people dead.

African Heads of States and governments are already arriving in Conakry for the inauguration ceremony of Alpha Conde. Notably among those arriving is the Sierra Leone president, Dr Ernest Bai Koroma, who played a significant role in urging the opposing factions during the elections to ensure a free and fair poll and respect for the outcome of the votes. Dadis Camara still nurses political ambition, but seems more keen on supporting the duly elected Head of State, as Guinea moves from its brutal past to embracing democracy and peace

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