Kenyan Man Offers 40 goats and 20 cows For Clinton’s Daughter

Hillary and Chelsea Clinton

Hillary and Chelsea Clinton

A Kenyan man has asked for the hand of Chelsea Clinton by offering livestock in return for her hand in marriage Chelsea’s mother, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says it will be up to her daughter Chelsea to accept the offer or not. The Kenyan man’s offer of 40 goats and 20 cows was first made in 2000, in a letter to Secretary Clinton’s husband, then-president Bill Clinton.

At a town hall meeting in Nairobi Thursday, the mediator asked for a fresh response to the proposal.Clinton said her daughter is “very independent,” but added that she will pass along what she called the “very kind offer.” Secretary Clinton is on an 11-day, seven-nation tour of Africa.

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  1. LeedomFreedom

    The clinton's daughter is not even worth a goat… She belongs to the clan of Fabian Illuminatis that are ruinning the world. Do not be fooled by their visit to your country, for when they try to do you “good” they want something in return. In this case your natural resources. Look at what is happening in the Congo. International companies are funding the warlords that are raping the women and children to extract Coltan, a high conducive mineral for electronic devices such as computers and cell phones. It is all window dressing. Please open your eyes and do not allow yourselves to be manipulated.