The Siaka Stevens legacy continues as Bockarie and Jongopie represent their country with remarkable diligence


Jongopie and Bockarie Stevens - The legacy continues

The legacy of the first executive president of Sierra Leone, Siaka Probyn Stevens, continues as his sons position themselves in the diplomatic front for our country negotiating the best deals for our people. Since their father passed away, Bockarie, Jengo and Jongopie have been steadfast in their resolve to preserve their father’s legacy. They have managed to maintain the dignity of the Stevens family name and have shied away from any controversy that will bring disrepute to this noble family. These two fine gentlemen have been called upon to serve their country by the Head of State, Dr Ernest Bai Koroma as Ambassadors in major international missions that are of vital interest to Sierra Leone’s foreign policy.

They bring to their various capacities a sound academic background and an impeccable public service record. The duo are a true example of everything that a Sierra Leonean should be. Since their appointments, these two men have been shuttling across their various diplomatic assignments engaging in meetings with stakeholders  and  foreign government officials presenting the dramatic transformation and the agenda for change that is taking place in our country, and expressing vividly the amazing achievements of president Ernest Bai Koroma. They spend each day in their missions looking after the interests of their fellow Sierra Leoneans and working tirelessly to resolve personal and  consular issues facing their countrymen overseas. They have always supported and respected the leadership of the party their father founded, and have never been keen to assume the mantle of state as you would find in other African States where the children of Heads of States position themselves to take over their father like in a dynasty. Because of the respectable and dignified way they have carried themselves,  they enjoy the confidence of the president and the admiration of every well-meaning Sierra Leonean.

As I pay tribute to these wonderful sons of our nation, I urge them to continue to fly the flag of our country high and lift their heads up high as they are truly the finest our country can produce. They stand out as exemplary citizens of our country even in the face of constant barrage of hostility from those who constantly engage to destroy our way of life and our pride as a nation. Despite what has been said or written about their father, they have maintained a dignified demeanour characteristic of the fine-upbringing they were indeed fortunate to benefit from their parents.

With keen interest, I have followed their diplomatic careers which has been nothing but impressive. They endured terror at the hands of ECOMOG troops who were called upon by the SLPP’s Tejan-Kabbah to restore his administration at all costs with little or no mercy for the residents of the capital. They have suffered because of their family name and have been vilified by the media and others for no apparent reason. The SLPP have always been ruthless to the Stevens family and some of them have been incarcerated after being accused falsely of crimes they never committed. Former president Tejan-Kabbah accused them of collaboration with coup plotters for the simple reason that they did not follow his administration to exile in Guinea after a coup d’état.

Bockarie has been Sierra Leone’s Ambassador to the United States for some time now where he has succeeded in carving a successful image of our country. He has enjoyed the respect of successive U.S. administrations and has been able to secure vital financial assistance from donors to help resuscitate the economic life of our country. Jongopie worked in the civil service for over 30 years before he was appointed Ambassador to Germany. His contribution to the country’s civil administration has been outstanding. Jengo has been extremely diligent with his medical practice and has served the sick in our country for decades. Even in times of war he would brave the bullet to attend to the vulnerable. They have not failed their country, neither have they let down the people, they are the true representatives of every Sierra Leone abroad.

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