Mobile money transfer banned in Somalia by ruthless terror group Al-Shabaab

Mobile money transfer in Somalia

Al-Qaeda-sponsored Somali Islamist insurgent group, Al-Shabaab, has ordered all mobile phone companies in the country to stop their money transfer services. The group said that the services are not Islamic. A sharp contradiction of their ruthless and barbaric acts of terror that they claim to be Islamic.

The transfer of money by Mobile phone was introduced in Somaliland around 2009 and has now spread across the country. It has become big business for service providers and had made it easy for business transaction and personal use. Mobile phones are a common sight in the country’s capital, Mogadishu, and  there are three companies currently offering mobile phone money transfer services. The terror group and its allies control much of southern Somalia and one mobile phone company official said he had “no option but to obey” the order.

Although the country has witnessed years of conflict, The  telecommunications sector is thriving. But the Al-Qaeda linked group has given them three months to stop. The barbaric Al-Qaeda sponsored group says mobile phone banking could expose the state to interference by Western countries, through the international partners of the Somali telecommunications firms. But it is widely believed that the ban may be intended to block a rival terror organisation from the traditional money transfer systems, known as hawala, which al-Shabab can influence, or tax, more easily. This seems to be another way of hijacking the livelihood of a people who have already been subjected to the worst kind of political and economic terrorism ever endured by mankind.

Al-Shabaab has demonstrated its ruthless and inhumane ambitions in several ways and seem unperturbed by the continued suffering of the Somali people. In their quest to gain control of part of Somalia and institute Sharia Law, which has been out-rightly rejected by the locals who claim that it is un-Islamic, the group has embarked on a nasty terror campaign by killing people and attacking innocent communities. Somali is slowly disintegrating into a lawless society.

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